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The current administrations’ move to a more socialistic authoritarian government makes anything anti- “green” a felony. Every corner of America and every American citizen has been impacted by the liberal progressives’ “reset,” some willingly but most not so much. As a so-called purple state, North Carolina is a prime target of the left. Make no mistake. We’re ground zero.

What is the Liberal Reset?”

Victor Davis Hanson in his article “The real ‘reset’ is Coming” does a masterful job in defining what we have been witnessing for the past fifteen months, the “Liberal Reset.”  Hanson explains that in normal times, progressives worry that they do not have public support for their policies. Only in crises do they feel that the political Left and media can merge to use apocalyptic terms to ram through usually unpopular approaches to foreign and domestic problems. 

Here is where the negative impact on you and our County, State and Country come into play. The strategy adopted by the liberal left can be summarized in ten simple words. If there is not a crisis, we will create one.

Chaos and crisis have been the only constant in the Biden administration. We’ve borne witness to:

  • The Afghanistan withdrawal
  • Implementation of critical race theory in our schools, government, military, etc.
  • Supply chain catastrophe – empty shelves and higher prices
  • Move from energy independence to energy dependence
  • Uncontrolled illegal immigration
  • The worst inflation in 40 years – gas prices highest in American history
  • Embracing of cancel culture
  • COVID mandates, vaccine mandates

Progressives have stated their intention to continue their “reset” through ill conceived efforts such as:

  •  Packing the Supreme Court
  •  Junking the Electoral College
  • Passing Build Back Better
  • Nationalizing voting Laws
  • Media and big tech censorship
  • Ending the filibuster


Hanson explains that “silly university ideas claimed prosperity would follow vastly expanding the money supply, keeping interest rates at de facto zero levels, running huge annual deficits, piling up unsustainable national debt, and subsidizing workers to stay home.”  What we witnessed was:

“Natural gas and oil costs soaring to unsustainable levels – and to the point where the middle class simply will not be able to travel, keep warm in winter, or cool in summer.”

“Both in Europe and the United States left-wing governments deliberately curbed drilling and non-Russian pipelines. They shut down nuclear power plants and subsidized costly, inefficient solar and wind projects. They ended up not with utopia, but with fuel shortages, soaring prices, and energy dependency on the world’s most repressive regimes.”

As a resident of New Hanover County, we have not escaped the negative impact caused by the socialist lefts’ policy and mandates.

  • We are paying higher prices for everything, gas, food, housing, rent, vehicles, etc.
  • Our children and grandchildren are being indoctrinated in our public schools with Critical Race Theory, equity, inclusion and diversity, social emotional learning, etc.
  • New Hanover is the only county in NC that allows male students who have self-identified as female to participate in girls’ sports
  • Drugs, gang members and criminals are arriving in New Hanover County because of the open Southern Border policy.

Another Reset is on the Horizon

Hanson predicts “a Radical new reset reckoning is coming – in reaction to the “new orders” championed by Biden.

“In the November 2022 midterms, we are likely to see a historic “No!” to the orthodox left-wing agenda that has resulted in unsustainable inflation, unaffordable energy, war, and humiliation abroad, spiraling crime, racial hostility – as well as arrogant defiance from those who deliberately enacted these disastrous policies.” The current state of disorder will be supplanted by:

  • “Closed and secure borders with only legal and measured immigration to return.”
  •  “Americans will demand tough police enforcement and deterrent sentencing.”
  • “The public will continue to tune out of the partisan and mediocre ‘mainstream’ media.”
  • “We will see greater increased production of oil and natural gas to transition us slowly to  a wider variety of energy, strong national defense, and deterrent foreign policies.”
  •  “The prophets of the new world order sowed the wind, and they will soon reap the whirlwind of an angry public worn out by elite incompetence, arrogance, and ignorance.”

Change Starts Right Here in North Carolina

A Conservative reset of the “liberal reset” is a bold and achievable prediction.  We should never feel comfortable and become complacent by thinking the 2022 election results will return our country to the greatness of yesteryear. We must adopt the same mentality of our founding fathers and become dedicated to joining the fight. The most important thing to do is VOTE.

Secondly, you can join our team and become one of the thousands of voices who demand America is returned to a strong country that protects our borders and the safety of every American citizen. Most simply stated, we must take back America.