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Republicans are Ready for November

Republicans are Ready for November

We have our slate! After a long primary and runoff, our Republican Party has finalized its roster of patriots to represent the cause of freedom in November 2024. Now it is gametime—time to rally together as one to prevent our country, our state, our county from being...

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Conversation with the Chairman of the State Party

Conversation with the Chairman of the State Party

 Our podcast is with Jason Simmons, the Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party. We talk about a wide range of issues – from the immigration reform at the national level and President Trump’s growing popularity here in North Carolina – to the economic issues...

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Podcast:  The Legend of the Archers

Podcast: The Legend of the Archers

Can our collective strength overcome the divisive squabbles that threaten to tear us apart? This week's NHC GOP Podcast illuminates an allegory of unity with chilling relevance to today's political landscape. As the clock ticks down to the pivotal moment on November...

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Podcast:  Canceling Student Loans

Podcast: Canceling Student Loans

President Biden and the Democrat Party have now made it abundantly clear that they are no longer the party of the working class. The people who get stuck with the bill? The working class – supposedly those who the Democrats promise to work form. Those who never went...

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Volunteering is the opportunity to connect locally with like-minded Conservative Republicans who share the same values and beliefs in the Constitution as set forth by the Founders.

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Political awareness and involvement doesn't begin and end at the voting booth. Citizens have a responsibility to remain informed about the issues impacting our families, our community, and our freedom. 

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Thousands of voices are much louder than one single voice of dissatisfaction and a cry for help.

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