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We understand everyone is feeling the pain of Biden’s economy; that’s why we want to assure you we spend every dollar strategically and wisely to have the maximum impact. We work hard to promote true conservative candidates and support our elected officials.

Why Donate EARLY:

We must plan today for RESULTS in NOVEMBER. When you donate today, it allows us to:

Strategically Target Voters

Modern communication methods help us maximize our efforts.

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Focused Grassroots Efforts

Spread the Conservative Message the Best Way: From Person to Person!

Based on past election cycles we know the out-of-state money for the left will pour in to NHC. Every dollar you donate goes to combatting their initiatives and protecting our county’s conservative values.


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
– Edmund Burke

Our leadership carefully balances volunteers’ time and skills with professional services. With your generous donations, we aim to share conservative values, educate and unite our community, drive Republican voter turnout and win elections!

In order to succeed, we depend on donors like you. We are grateful for every donation, large or small!

Did you know NHC has more registered Republicans than Democrats? AND data shows NHC Independent voters overwhelming lean conservative. Based on registered voter data,

  • The democrats (aka leftists) are trying to put in the fix on Voting rights.
  • The 2nd amendment through Gun Control legislation is under assault.
  • The federal budget and debt is ballooning under democratic leadership (or lack of it).
  • Children are being indoctrinated in leftist ideals.
  • Our Constitution and American freedoms are being attacked.

Your help is needed and appreciated to combat this war on our Freedoms.


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