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Republicans are Ready for November

by | May 23, 2024

We have our slate! After a long primary and runoff, our Republican Party has finalized its roster of patriots to represent the cause of freedom in November 2024. Now it is gametime—time to rally together as one to prevent our country, our state, our county from being taken over by the Radical Left.

Many of our races had competitive primaries—and that is a good thing. Iron sharpens iron. But many of our races, including the president and governor, were not competitive. That means that we are confident in our leadership at the highest levels and know who we want to take on the Democrats.

What’s at stake for the United States? Our weak president has emboldened our enemies to attack our allies and jeopardize peace in the world. Biden refuses to enforce the law at the border but doesn’t hesitate to weaponize the legal system to prosecute political dissidents and opponents.

Middle and working class Americans are being left behind in this economy, reminded of Biden’s disastrous policies every trip to the grocery store and gas station. And now Democrats want those same middle and working class Americans to foot the student loan bill for others, including student agitators who shutting down college campuses across the country. Student loan cancellation is nothing more than welfare for liberal elites at the expense of those who already paid their way or never went to college.

Democrats have turned their back on hardworking Americans. They care more about the ability to pass an exam than change a lightbulb. They care more about the color of your skin than how well you can do a good job. They care more about whether you’ve completed DEI training than whether you’re properly trained to fix an HVAC.

What’s at stake for North Carolina? Harvard-educated elitist Josh Stein wants to turn New Hanover County into liberal hellholes like San Francisco and New York City. Defunded law enforcement, rampant crime, Section 8 housing—all of it is coming here if we lose. Keeping control of our state legislature is vital to protecting our low taxes, responsible budgets, and school choice. Democrat refugees of disastrous blue states are fleeing to North Carolina. We welcome those in search of a better life, but we cannot let them bring those same disastrous blue-state policies with them.

What’s at stake for New Hanover County? Protecting our children from leftwing propaganda and indoctrination. Ensuring parents have a say in their children’s education. Stopping unelected bureaucrats from bringing a newcomer school (a.k.a. migrant resettlement facility) to our community. We need County Commissioners who will put our billion-dollar community endowment to work for all taxpayers, not just leftwing pet projects. We need Board of Education members who will prevent schools from becoming laboratories for the latest leftwing experiment. We need Judges and a District Attorney who will faithfully apply the law so that our streets stay safe.

No matter the race, we have to be all in. Red waves happen when Republicans win races considered unwinnable. The Democrats want you to believe that certain races are unwinnable. They do that to demoralize us, making us less likely to vote, volunteer, and contribute.

How will we beat the Democrats? By being smart, prepared, enthusiastic, early, and UNIFIED. Let’s set the tone NOW. It won’t be enough to share your thoughts on social media. It will take face-to-face conversations with your family, friends, and neighbors. It won’t be enough to get out and vote. It will take bringing others with you. The greatest conservative victories in American history were the result of grassroots movements. When thousands of individuals do just a little bit more, it adds up in a big way.

Everything is at stake. So let’s act like it.