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Why Is CRT in America’s Schools so Important to the Democrats?

Biden’s first 140 days as President of the United States has generated great concern for many Americans. Here’s why:

  • Biden’s open borders agenda has created a border crisis.
  • Biden rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, which could destroy 400,000 to 2.7 million jobs.
  • Biden abandoned the Keystone XL pipeline, sending thousands into unemployment.
  • When asked about the workers forced out of work by Biden’s policies, his administration responded by saying they needed a different education.
  • Biden is blocking new oil and gas drilling on federal lands.
  • Biden is proposing a job-destroying $2 trillion tax hike to fund a Green New Deal “infrastructure” package.
  • Biden is proposing even greater tax hikes, raising taxes on capital gains to over 43%.
  • Only 7% of Biden’s proposed “infrastructure” package is for roads, bridges, highways, airports, waterways, and ports.
  • The Washington Post and Associated Press have noted that many of Biden’s proposals will destroy more jobs than they create.
  • Biden supported the National Teachers Union’s decision to not reopen schools, even though CDC guidelines were met.
  • Biden’s stimulus spending has already caused a 5% to 6% inflationary increase. Lumber tops the list with an increase of over 400% while the dollar is being devalued almost daily.
  • Foreign policy decisions have caused destabilization in many parts of the world. Israel/Hamas is a good example. Meanwhile China, Russia, and Iran have become emboldened.

What does this have to do with CRT?

With so much chaos occurring in our country today, why is CRT the dominating agenda for Democrats? The left has successfully co-opted big businesses, tech companies, universities, federal employees, and the military.

What is left? Your children’s education.

A Star News article (May 12, 2021) reports that NHC parents have been pushing against the school district for their new equity initiatives, calling it Critical Race Theory. CRT establishes that white supremacy and systemic racism are a part of everyday life, and states that while racism is something people of color experience daily, it is unlikely to be eradicated because it benefits the white elite. The School Board Members and Sophic Solutions LLC, a company contracted to survey “equity” in NHC schools, when questioned about “CRT”, the response is always that we have not mentioned the phrase “CRT” in designing the school’s new curriculum. This is likely a true statement, but as one concerned parent stated at a recent Board Meeting, “we do not want CRT, equity, 1619 Project, social justice, Marxism, selected emotional learning, or whatever your newest label is, taught in our schools”. This parent nailed it. The left continues to relabel, in hopes that we are too stupid to notice. This will continue to be an issue of great concern to the NHC GOP, you as parents and concerned citizens. We must continue to monitor and “push” back at every opportunity.

We invite you to continue to support and educate yourself further by reading the Star-News Article. We also request that you consider becoming a member of our TEAM to help us expose and change these liberal ideologies as we restore the America First Agenda and Conservative Values.