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“Americans will have to endure pain at the pump indefinitely in the name of the ‘liberal world order,’” a top economic adviser to President Biden said in a recent interview. At least now we know the truth.  However, high gas prices are not the only part of the liberal progressive, or even socialist, strategic plan agenda. Your children are being indoctrinated in our public schools and parents across the country are uniting to introduce change.

  • New Hanover County educators persist in their attempts to replace you as parents by continuing to ensure your children are taught what to think, not how to think. Following the widespread public exposure to CRT (now renamed as “equity, inclusion, and diversity (EID)) over the past two years, Boards of Education have received much-deserved criticism for their support of this divisive and corrosive nationwide view, which seeks to define people by their race instead of as individuals. Yes, absolutely EID is a sizable portion of your child’s education.
  • Core curriculum in New Hanover County has been diminished as a result of the focus on social indoctrination at all grade levels within our public schools. Standards have been significantly reduced in subjects like, math, reading, science, and social studies, solely for the purpose of achieving a severely reduced and artificial goal.
  • Parental rights have been completely eliminated in NHC schools. A parent who strongly objects to what their child is being taught runs the risk of being labeled a racist, a domestic terrorist or publicly humiliated as deputy sheriffs remove you from a board meeting.
  • Social emotional learning (SEL) is another tool in the bag of options to indoctrinate our children. SEL focuses less on academic content and knowledge and more on values, mindsets, attitudes, and feelings that are inappropriate for any school to teach. These topics need to be considered and discussed by parents. SEL has become the latest panacea in an extensive line of progressive “education reforms” that have only served to distract from the fact that American public-school children are failing academically. SEL is being used to promote a concept that children as young as four and five years old are encouraged to engage in gender self-identification. Educators are using surveys that parents are not aware of, books displaying sexually inappropriate materials for a young child. The reality is you are being replaced as the parent by a group of unqualified leftist educators.
  • School safety is something that every Board of Education in America should be one hundred percent focused. However, with an emphasis on social issues the topic of school safety is often ignored. We have all witnessed the recent tragedies occurring in America’s public schools. It’s time to take immediate and drastic actions.
  • There is so much deceit, cover-up, lack of transparency, and an adopted attitude of we know more about what is best for your child than you do in NHC’s school system today. Transparency, honesty, and openness on the part of New Hanover County educators and Board of Education members must start now!

America’s Parents Gravely Concerned About Education

There are countless negative things happening in our Country today.  The crisis at the South Border, violence, drug overdoses, gas prices, inflation, China, baby formula, supply chain issues, pack the court, do away with the filibuster are just examples that concern most American. However, with all of the unbelievably negativity being generated by this administration, EDUCATION remains as the number one concern for over 74% of the American population.

We converse with hundreds of New Hanover County conservatives on a daily basis. You tell is that we know what the problem is – that you want to help but just cannot find the time. We understand life is often difficult, especially in this Biden era of leadership, or lack thereof. But we do have a solution for you to become a warrior in helping us fight the fight. Here is what you can do today!

There is a positive aspect to this darker than dark cloud generated by the liberal left progressive socialist policy:

  1. The November 8, 2022, election presents an opportunity for you to help support and vote for our four amazing candidates, (Josie Barnhart, Pat Bradford, Melissa Mason, and Pete Wildeboer) for the Board of Education. If all four are elected, the issues discussed in this article can and will be reversed.
  2. Secondly, the November 2022 election affords us the fantastic opportunity to elect three NC State House Representatives (Charlie Miller, Ted Davis, and John Hinnant). Also, we need to reelect NC State Senator, Michael Lee. Our conservative candidates have already been instrumental introducing legislation at the state level that would have reversed two or three of the issues discussed, only to be vetoed by Cooper. If Republicans are successful in gaining a “super majority” Cooper’s vetoes can be overturned and made into state laws.
  3. Finally, we know that the majority of you live hectic lives trying to make ends meet in these trying times. But you can be a tremendous help in attacking these pervasive liberal policies entrenched in our public schools by visiting our website and joining our 10 for 10 campaign. We are asking our conservative patriots to contribute $10 each month for 10 months. This money will be used to help our candidates win in November and restore America First values in NHC.

Together, We Can Make Our Public Schools Greater Than Ever!

There’s no time to waste. Join 10 for Ten today. If we can meet any or all of the objectives mentioned above, your child will reap the kind of rewards that will last a lifetime.  Your commitment goes a long way to making this possible.

Contact the NHC Republican offices should you have any questions. Use our simple contact form or call us at 910-399-7274. Together, we can ensure a brighter future for our children.