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The truth about critical race theory- What every parent must know and what you can do about it

Federal Grants to Spew Critical Race Theory Across American Education

CRT is not a new concept. It was first introduced in a liberal-leaning workshop in 1989. It was not until recently that it began spreading across America like a California wildfire. You, as a concerned parent, should fully understand exactly what is being attempted in your children’s schools to reshape their minds and their views of the world into and through adulthood. Now is a time for you to be significantly concerned about what is being taught in today’s schools.

Critical Race Theory is the idea that skin color determines whether you are a victim of an oppressor and that systemic racism infects every aspect of American life. Lawmakers and parent advocates describe CRT as racially divisive, teaching children to judge differences in skin color above the content of character. They say adding curriculum rooted in CRT also teaches children to search for racism in all aspects of life over teaching civics and history education. During an interview, Martha MacCallum asked Weingarten (President of the National Teachers Union) whether she supports teaching impressionable children “that if they’re White they belong to an oppressor class and if they’re Black they belong to a victim class.” Weingarten replied, “You have any problem with that?”

A proposed regulation from the Department of Education would hand out more money to schools willing to indoctrinate students with this ideology. The regulation proposes prioritizing educational grant requests that seek money to teach Critical Race Theory.

CRT encourages schools to design lessons, for example, reflecting The New York Times article 1619 Project. The 1619 Project is an attempt to rewrite American History to support teachings like CRT. In 1607 Jamestown was the first British settlement established in what is now known as the state of Virginia. The ‘1619” Project claims that 20 some odd Africans were enslaved by the settlers. This has been refuted by hundreds of historians. However, the 1619 Project has benchmarked this date as the birthdate of what we now know as America. The project suggests one of the primary motivations for the Revolutionary War was to preserve slavery. We will not lengthen this article by writing another sentence explaining how their statement is so absurd and not historically supported.

As explained by “This Weeks Intelligence”, the Department of Education’s $6 million federal grant would fund an organization that promotes books to public school children such as A is for Activist (and T is for Trans). Another book called Not My Idea: A Book About Whiteness teaches young children that “Whiteness is a bad deal. It always was.” But luckily, “you can be white without signing onto whiteness.”

Why Is Critical Race Theory So Important to the Liberal Agenda?

It has become readily transparent that the liberal left has successfully infiltrated big businesses, tech companies, and the media. Coca-Cola, ESPN, Delta, Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, MLB, Amazon are but a few examples. It is no secret that America’s colleges and universities are extremely left-leaning, so much so that on many campuses conservative voices and ideologies are not allowed. An unanticipated fact is that only 32.1 percent of Americans over the age of 25 have a four-year college degree. Because this surprising number of 73 percent of Americans have not been exposed to left-leaning ideology in the classroom, they are the lone remaining obstacle to the progressive movement we are now witnessing. The big question is, are the Democrats addressing this oversight by introducing CRT in your children’s schools to change this paradigm?

What Can You Do?

You should be mad and upset by the fact that this type of curriculum is being introduced in schools across the country, as well as right here in New Hanover County. Do you really want your child to be taught that they belong to an “oppressor class?”

Decide to channel this frustration to protect your children and the millions more just like them. The states of Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, Arkansas, South Dakota, Arizona, Iowa, and Idaho, among others, have passed legislation that will prevent CRT and similar curriculum from being taught in their schools.

You can join us in writing letters, sending emails, etc. to NC State legislative bodies ensuring your voice is heard and that your opinion counts.

It is well known that hundreds of voices are louder, more unified, and more likely to bring about change than one. We invite you to visit our website ( to review updated information on this topic and others that are highly likely to have impacts that run counter to your beliefs.
Please share this with your family, friends, and neighbors.