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We Must Exercise Our Right to be Heard

Most can agree that COVID-19 was and remains to be a very serious health threat not only to America, but the entire world.  The recently discovered Delta variant of COVID is reportedly more contagious. The White House claims this new outbreak is attributed to the...

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Are you “Woke” or “Awake?” – The Invisible Revolution

Are you “Woke” or “Awake?” - The Invisible Revolution As a Conservative, are you “Woke” or “Awake”? It may sound overly dramatic to compare the battles of Great Britain in the 1770’s to today’s fight against the policies and agendas of the progressive left. However,...

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Biden’s attempt to federalize voting laws

One of the topics monopolizing the daily reporting of major news centers around several states passing or considering voting election laws, along with the Democrats’ verbal responses to the efforts of states to exercise their rights.  We have witnessed Texas Democrats...

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Biden’s Economic Formula For Record Inflation

Democrats Hidden Tax If you have visited a grocery store, filled your car with gas, bought a few items at your local hardware store or tried to buy a new or used car in the past few weeks, you probably realized that while the buying power of your dollar has...

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Battle for the Soul of America

One of the greatest things about America is that each individual state can vote and instill the leadership they desire in their Governor and State Legislative bodies.  As most are aware, the two primary ideologies that greatly influence leadership decisions are either...

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We Need your Help!

The democrats (aka leftists) are trying to put in the fix on Voting rights. The 2nd amendment through Gun Control legislation is under assault. The federal budget and debt is ballooning under democratic leadership (or lack of it). Children are being indoctrinated in leftist ideals. Our Constitution and American freedoms are being attacked.

Your help is needed and appreciated to combat this war on our Freedoms.

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Remember, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke.

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