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The American Psychological Association recently conducted their “Stress in America Survey 2022” and found that 73% of Americans feel overwhelmed by the number of crises and 87% feel there has been a constant stream of crises during the past two years.

The following discussion is not an attempt at “fear politics.”  These crisis examples are accurate and factual accounts of what has occurred during the past sixteen months. There are many more examples we could have discussed and illuminated the negative impacts this administration is having on every American. It does not take a crystal ball, or a laptop accidently left behind in a repair shop to identify the source of the crises that is causing most Americans elevated levels of angst:


  • An Economic Crisis: Inflation is taxation, and it has gone up every month of Biden’s presidency. Now, Americans are paying more for about everything.
    • Last year, Biden’s Economic Crisis cost the average worker two pay checks and cost the average family $3,500 it is estimated this cost will double in 2022.
    • Inflation has increased every month of Joe Biden’s presidency.
  • An Energy Crisis: Since taking office, Biden has enacted an anti-energy agenda that has caused energy prices to skyrocket.
    • The national average for a gallon of gas reached $3.92 per gallon in April 2022, with a total rise of 53.12% since December 2020.
    • This is the most Americans have paid at the pump since the Carter Administration.
    • Home heating costs are projected to rise an average of 30% for American households heating their homes with natural gas next winter and 54% for those using propane.
  • A Border Crisis: Border security is national security, and because of Biden and Congressional Democrats’ open-border policies, every state is now a border state.
    • Since Biden took office, 1.8 million illegal immigrants have been apprehended at our southern border.
    • The number of illegal crossings at the border has risen at a faster rate under Biden than at any time in history.
    • An unthinkable amount of the deadly fentanyl and fentanyl-related substances are coming across our border. Under President Biden’s watch, CPB seized more pounds of fentanyl at the southern border in FY2021 than the previous three years combined.
    • More American youths are now dying from fentanyl overdoses than those who died from COVID.
  • An Education Crisis: Biden promised to work to reopen schools in his first 100 days, but his administration secretly worked with teacher union bosses to keep schools closed and label concerned parents “domestic terrorists”.
    • By forcing students to stay in online school longer than necessary, the Biden Administration hurt low-income students the most.
    • Parents are right to be concerned about their kids being taught radical socialist ideologies or exposed to inappropriate instructional materials to promote gender self-identification- parents should be outranged and engaged.
    • Instead of advocating for school choice and parental rights, the Biden Administration wants to take complete control of your children’s education.
  • A Crime Crisis: Following a year of defunding the police rhetoric from President Biden and Congressional democrats, over a dozen major U.S. cities had record high homicide rates in 2022.
    • At least 16 U.S. cities have set new homicide records in 2021.
    • Violent crime is increasing in most American Cities
    • In 2021, there were 346 officers shot, sixty-three of whom were killed by gunfire and the number shot in 2022 is on pace to eclipse the unfortunate 2021 rate.
  • A Covid Crisis: Although Biden promised to “shut down” the virus, he FAILED to lead and left many Americans struggling to find tests and many schools remain closed or under a mandate.
    • Biden’s failed leadership in 2021 resulted in the United States having the highest daily tally of new COVID-19 cases of any country in the world.
    • In December 2021, the U.S. broke the record for most Covid hospitalizations at over 132,000
    • More Americans died from COVID-19 in 2021 than in 2020.
    • Thousands, (nurses, pilots, soldiers, truck drivers, etc.) of American lost their jobs for exercising their freedom to not adhere to vaccine mandates
  • A National Security Crisis: Biden has been weak on the world stage. He has been unable to stand up to our foreign adversaries or with our allies in times of need. Because of Biden’s weakness, our adversaries in Beijing, Tehran, and Moscow are stronger today.
    • Biden is to blame for the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan. No one else.
    • Biden showed he is reluctant to stand up to Putin and instead, approved the continued building of a pipeline for him. Now, Russia is emboldened because of Biden’s failed leadership.
    • Biden provided Putin a list of the sixteen American databases that were off limits to Russian Hackers. Why not all?
    • Biden’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine lacked planning, the administration failed to think strategically and officially announced every tactical move they had planned.

Unfortunately, the current administration will be defining American policy for the next thirty months.  It is extremely difficult to project what the future holds for America. However, the current trend line would indicate more of the same.

There is so much you can do help restore America First values and Ideology. Many of the negative impacts discussed in the above can not only be resolved at the National level, but there is hope you can help turn the tide at both the State and Local level. The election of conservatives at all levels will result in either reversing the damage that has already occurred or establish roadblocks to prevent future erosion of American Values.

The words of Plato are truer today than any other time in our history. “If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools.