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We all have witnessed the chaos occurring at our Southern border. We are all keenly aware that Biden and Harris have done absolutely nothing to address these problems. In fact, their proposed policy agenda will only make this problem much worse than it already is. Biden, through his inaction and actions, has created a national security and health crisis of the highest magnitude. We have authored several articles informing you of the negative impacts this open border and Biden’s catch and relocate policy is having on America.

Charlotte Cuthbertson, Senior writer for the Epoch Times, in an article “Texas Law Enforcement Reports Reveal Scope of the Border Crisis” reveals just how severe the problem is and how it continues to get worse. The following are examples of key points made in Ms. Cuthbertson’s article:

  • In one week, 22,651 illegal aliens from 40 countries were apprehended in Texas near the U.S.–Mexico border, according to a Nov. 2 law enforcement report issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety.
  • From Oct. 27 through Nov. 2; Law enforcement arrested forty-eight fugitives and thirteen gang members. In addition, more than 4,000 pounds of marijuana, 669 pounds of methamphetamine, and eighty-seven pounds of cocaine were seized. Also confiscated were twenty-seven handguns, three long guns, and more than $188,000 in cash.
  • While illegal aliens from Central and South American countries tend to account for most of the apprehensions, the numbers from other nationalities are significant. In the reported week, apprehensions included fifty-seven illegal immigrants from Turkey, 36 from Romania, 26 from Senegal, 14 from Eritrea, eight from China, and three from Uzbekistan.
  • Hundreds of Cubans are flooding across the border and claiming asylum. In the week of October 27, law enforcement apprehended 610 Cubans entering Texas, and 551 the previous week.
  • In the Laredo sector on Oct. 28, a convicted felon and captain of the Mexican Mafia Laredo Chapter was arrested while distributing narcotics and carrying a firearm
  • More than 25,000 illegal aliens, from up to 46 countries, were apprehended per week during a four-week period, with more than 70 percent of them from countries other than Mexico.

It is no secret that dangerous gang members, drug smugglers, human traffickers and felon fleeing prosecution from other countries are crossing our border daily.  Jan Psaki has openly admitted that most of these illegal aliens are not tested for any diseases.

The Biden administration has given a new meaning to “catch and release”.  Biden has adopted a “catch and relocate” policy. It has been reported that illegals are in the dark of night loaded onto buses or airplanes and relocated to cities across America. To make matters worse, it was revealed by a whistleblower, “the military was flying illegal migrants to different cities.”   Stephen Miller a Republican Senior Advisor, while on the Tucker Carlson show stated that the use of the military is “absolutely not legal.”

Miller also stated, “The Pentagon has confirmed it to us, Spokesman Chris Mitchell described the flights from Laughlin as ‘noncitizen movement’ part of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s mission.”

Miller discussed what he believes are the administration’s true motives behind moving illegal immigrants throughout the country.

“This is a planned resettlement. The largest of its kind, I would suggest perhaps in the history of the world. In terms of the number of illegal border crossers being resettled into the interior of our country in violation of plain law.”

Miller claimed that Biden’s handling of the southern border crisis is an “impeachable” offense. Will Biden be impeached? Certainly not within the next 13 months, but who know what the future holds.

Every American citizen should be outraged by the fact our border is open, criminals and untested aliens are being relocated in your backyards across America. Millions of Americans are uniting to oppose the damaging policies being enacted by the liberal left progressives. Do not you think it is time for you to join the fight. We need to push back, be more vocal, stand as one and restore America First values.

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