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Results Driven New Hanover County Board of Ed Defeats EDI

by | Dec 15, 2023

Republicans have had a number of important victories since the 2022 midterm election. Voters gave us a conservative State Supreme Court. And with the new court came voter ID, an integral and absolutely necessary measure to ensure election integrity. At the state level, Republican Ted Budd defeated a Soros backed, soft on crime Democrat to win a House seat. And Michael Lee was elected to the State Senate after defeating Marsha Morgan, a Democrat and pathological liar. Finally, the New Hanover County GOP flipped the Board of Education from blue to red. In light of this week’s events, this may be the most significant victory of all.


It’s Official. In New Hanover County Schools, EDI Is Dying

At December’s board meeting, the New Hanover County Board of Education voted 4-2 to dissolve the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committee. While this is merely the tip of the iceberg, the importance of this action cannot be understated. It’s a signal to parents, students and left-wing ideologues. This Board of Ed will fight for its students.

Reaction from the left was swift and predictably bizarre. Here’s what our “chief equity officer”, Malcolm Johnson, had to say: “I’m waiting to be charged and I’m waiting to train because, right now, we’ve created an environment where there’s no accountability for a mishap, no accountability when we hear micro aggressions and we have biases that take place within our space. How can we educate our community when we can’t get off the ground here?”

Malcolm couldn’t have crammed more meaningless buzzwords into a statement if he had wanted to. I’m left with the following questions: Why is the left so preoccupied with identifying imagined “micro aggressions” instead of preparing our students for a better future? And why do we pay this clown to carry on his charade?

Board member Stephanie Kraybill declared that “by not focusing on equity, then I don’t know what we’re gonna do.” Hey Stephanie. Here’s an idea – how about focusing on reading, writing and math?


The Fight Against EDI Continues

Let’s not kid ourselves. While the EDI Committee has been dissolved, CRT and other tools of indoctrination are still present in our school system. However, the elimination of this committee is a huge step forward.

Our Board of Education members are taking heat from progressives hell-bent on getting their hooks in our children. With all the hair-brained push back coming from the crazies, it can feel like a thankless job. So let’s recognize the great work done by board members Pete Wildeboer (Chair), Melissa Mason (Vice Chair), Pat Bradford and Josie Barnhart. Meaningful change doesn’t come easy and it rarely happens overnight. The night of December 5 was a notable exception. Let’s celebrate it.