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There are dozens of factors contributing to the downward spiral of public-school education in New Hanover County. If you have been watching the local and national news, reading our very left local newspaper, participating in one of the conservative clubs/groups or talking over the fence to a neighbor, you realize that the school system is focused on one thing, indoctrination of your children.

The Proof:

The proof needed is now readily available. With just a little effort on your part you will find information that will leave you more concerned, upset, and/or eager to take a stance. Yes, at first there were significant attempts, lies, deceit and a lack of transparency, to cover the coordinated objective to indoctrinate your child in specific areas. 

First there was Critical Race Theory (CRT), then came Equity, Inclusion and Diversity (EID) and then Social Emotional Learning used as the proven method to ensure the messaging was effectively delivered. We have witnessed a shooting right here in New Hanover Schools. And there is an all-out effort on the part of many educators to ensure that children as young as four and five years old are exposed to a process facilitating and promoting gender self-identification.  

There is a lot to unwrap. But in as few of words as possible, we will provide information you need to give this some deeper thought.

School Safety

As stated earlier, NHC did experience a shooting in a local school. This only momentarily grabbed the attention of the Board of County Commissioners and the members of the NHC Board of Education. 

  • Did the Board of Education Members visit the school or the sheriff’s office to glean more information to help develop a future strategy? The answer is NO! It may surprise you to learn that the four Republican Board of Education Candidates (Josie Barnhart, Pat Bradford, Melissa Mason, and Pete Wildeboer) were quick to visit with law enforcement to start the process of developing plans to enact after they are elected in November 2022. 
  • Did the Board of County Commissioners introduce a serious conversation to hire more School Resource Officers (SROs) to help improve facilities where your children can learn in a safer environment? Again, the answer is NO! They were quick to approve the hiring of a sufficient number of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Officers to provide one to every agency in the County. That might be a slight exaggeration. However, it is clear the Commissioners are representing their own political agenda with a focus on social issues in our schools and other parts of county government. The good news is we have two great conservative candidates, LeAnne Pearce and Tom Toby that are eager and ready to address these misplaced priorities.  

Core Curriculum or Indoctrination?

There is so much that could be said about this. However, nothing that parents in Loudon County have not already said. I will remind you two key bullet points that you should take just five minutes to do a little more research. 

  • CRT – in the most basic terms, the socialistic CRT was defined as an attempt to convince school age children that “white” children were the oppressors and born with white privilege. “Children of Color” were taught they were the oppressed and placed at a huge disadvantage in today’s society. As you can imagine this was extremely divisive and history was purposely changed to fit their narrative. As this issue was often objected to a Board of Education meetings across the country, the more vocal parents were sometimes classified as “domestic terrorists”.  The NHC Board of Education denied for months that CRT was being taught in NHC schools. It was not until we exposed a Zoom recorded video where Board Members Stefanie Adams, Nelson Beaulieu, the newly hired Equity, Inclusion and Diversity officer and two or three members of “Black lives matters” were planning the implementation of CRT in public schools.
  • With the focus on social indoctrination in your public schools, time devoted to core curriculum like math, science, reading, science, history, and social studies have been negatively impacted. The Board has taken action to lower the standards for passing. While this might achieve one of your goals of seeing your child graduate, you must ask yourself how prepared will they be for life’s next steps? 

Gender Self-Identification and Title IX

There is so much that has been written about your child being encouraged to explore their own gender identity. I will identify key words that can be googled for more information. And YES this is being pursued in NHC Public Schools. The right of parents to control their child’s upbringing is one of the few fundamental rights recognized by courts as protected under the doctrine of substantive due process. That right is being attacked, often secretly, by today’s educational institutions. 

  • There are numerous books being used as an indoctrination tool in your child’s school library today. Examples include books like “The Lawn Boy” and “Some Boys Aren’t Blue.” In a recent Board meeting, a concerned citizen in objection to these books and attempted read an excerpt. The Board Members would not allow the reading to occur, stating that it was not appropriate. Appropriate for your eight-year-old but not a room full of adults?
  • There are forms and surveys being completed by students and you as a parent have been not made aware of their contents. Until recently you had to opt out to see any form or survey your child was subjected to. Now you have to opt in to see what your child is being exposed to. NHC Schools are clearly replacing you as the parent. 

Change is needed. We, the NHC GOP have continued to fight and expose all that is wrong occurring in today’s public schools here in NHC. As hard as we have tried, we can not do it alone. 

Please join us in our fight to return New Hanover County Schools to its original mission of education, not indoctrination. Become a volunteer or participate in our 10 for 10 Campaign.