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The Importance of the 2020 Election

This election cycle represents an inflection point where the choice couldn’t be more clear.

Will we choose to become more conservative; where we trust our towns, communities, neighborhoods and churches to contribute individually towards our civil society?

Or will we choose the Progressive path; where our government becomes more involved in the most intimate of social interactions and centralized planning, known for destroying our rich heritage and individual liberty, is standard operating procedure?

As a party, we choose to fight for the beliefs of our Founding Fathers. This is where the rule of law prevails, the Constitution is a rule book and not a poem to be interpreted, and individual liberty is more important than the “Collective”.

Mobilizing Candidates for 2020 & Beyond

Our right-minded friends across the country believe that if our state goes blue next year, so goes the nation.

It’s hard to imagine that as recently as 1988, with the election of Bush (41), the states of California, New Jersey, Connecticut were solid Republican. And in 2000 the states of Colorado and Nevada were Republican. Weak Republican organizations in these states relied on the momentum of prior elections to maintain Republican influence. Now that we understand how Progressivism moved these states solid Blue, we cannot let this happen to North Carolina.

So, over the coming months our primary mission is to promote our current Republican officials to higher office, recruit new candidates for municipal elections, and get them all elected. We believe that filling local and state elected and appointed offices is crucial to the future of the Republican Party and North Carolina. If our party becomes a minority stakeholder in local communities, we can expect to lose any meaningful influence in our state and nation.

We recognize that “sitting on our laurels” is a horrible strategy. North Carolina is now a Purple state. We promise we will not let NC turn blue without a fight, and we know you won’t either!


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