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Many cities across the U.S. saw a dramatic increase in violent crime and thefts over the last several years. While border security is a factor, the issue is much bigger than that.

New York City saw a 22% jump in crime between 2021 and 2022 according to the NYPD. In Los Angeles, theft of personal items jumped 42% in 2022. Burglary increased by 14%. And according to the AP, incidents of auto theft in LA have jumped a whopping 33% in 2023. What do all of these cities have in common? Cashless bail. Cashless bail is a key initiative within the Democratic Party. If Josh Stein and his Democrat cohorts get their way, it’s coming to Wilmington, too.

Why is Cashless Bail a problem?

In simple terms, cash bail compels the accused to show up for their court date. It’s the collateral the court holds until the proceedings have satisfactorily concluded. As part of the Bill of Rights, the eighth amendment insures that the required bail amount will be commensurate with the crime. The “cashless bail system” as endorsed by Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Josh Stein enables career criminals and violent offenders to walk the same day they’re arrested. Even if a judge finds that there is a serious risk to the public safety, the accuser can walk under the cashless bail system.

Josh Stein Will Set Wilmington’s Violent Offenders Free

Stein was part of the state’s Task Force for Racial Equity in Criminal Justice, put together for the purpose of “addressing existing policies and procedures that disproportionally affect communities of color and developing solutions to ensure racial equity in North Carolina’s criminal justice system”. It is important to note that the words “improve public safety” appear nowhere in the task force’s mission statement.

A two-part editorial piece in the Carolina Journal reported that “of the task force’s 125 recommendations, there is not a single recommendation that suggests tougher penalties, criminal sentences, or longer prison terms, except as it applies to police officers accused of violating procedures. While the task force makes a few non-controversial recommendations, such as improving mental health services throughout the criminal justice system, the recommendations are a laundry list of liberal “go softer” on crime polices, such as ending cash bail, eliminating fines, and recommending lighter prison sentences for even the most heinous criminals.”

We’ve already got a crime problem. A group of local and vocal left wing activists have been advocating for cashless bail in Wilmington for several years now. With Stein’s help, they’ll get it.

Bring Law & Order Back to Wilmington

When we see the current crime trends, one thing is apparent. Bail reform may be well meaning but there are unintended consequences. The thing that is most disturbing is that Mr. Stein appears unwilling to recognize these problems and change his position accordingly. In short, like many politicians today (including those who occupy 600 Pennsylvania Avenue), he refuses to learn from his mistakes.

This November, we have a choice to make. It’s between safety and chaos. Between state leaders who learn from past mistakes as opposed to those who make the same ones again and again. If you value a safe environment for you and your family, it’s time to get involved. Make a difference by joining us.

One thing is for sure. If we do nothing, things will get worse. Much worse.