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Vote Republican for the Future
of New Hanover County

The fate of the country is in our hands. It’s up to us to exercise our constitutional rights as Americans to ensure our country’s next leaders won’t take us down the path of socialism.

Review the key issues facing our nation and New Hanover County.

See where you stand.
Then decide how you’ll vote.

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This is the supporting copy for progress

YES to Law and Order

We don’t believe all police are racist and support criminal justice reform at a national level.

YES to Opportunity

We believe economic independence is the quickest way to truly transform the lives of ALL citizens.

YES to Educational Choice

We will create safe, inspiring education environments that empower parents to choose what’s best for their children.

YES to State-of-the-Art Health Care

We will ensure our hospital and healthcare system continues to thrive and evolve.

YES to Reopening the Economy

Republicans will safely reopen the economy with common-sense precautions.

YES to Balancing the Budget

We will prioritize achieving growth initiatives while balancing the county budget.



This is the supporting copy for progress

Yes to Mob Rule

YES to Dependence on Government

YES to Governmental Bureaucracy

YES to Socialized Medicine

YES to Crippling Fear

YES to Raising Your Taxes

Top Issues for New Hanover County

Republicans across the nation will fight for progress, opportunity, education and health care.

Explore how Republicans running for local office are planning to address the issues that matter most to New Hanover County while balancing the county budget.

Law & Order

Policing isn’t perfect, but that doesn’t mean we should defund law and order institutions. We believe supporting criminal justice reform at a national level will bring law and order to New Hanover County.

Job Training & CTE Programs

In addition to hiring and recruiting the best teachers, Republicans will focus on job training. These local programs will enhance the great work being done at Southeast Area Technical High School and Cape Fear Community College.


The on-going Pandemic is one of the greatest challenges our nation has ever faced, but we cannot let it stall us into inaction. Republicans will safely reopen the economy with common-sense precautions.

Clean Drinking Water

Everyone in New Hanover County wants safe water to drink. Republicans will make it a priority to monitor, test and clean our water to ensure we always have access to clean drinking water.

The Economy

We need to lift each of our citizens up and into economic prosperity and independence. Republicans believe this is the quickest way to truly transform the lives of ALL citizens. We will pursue growth opportunities in balance with infrastructure investments to ensure the overall improvement of our county.


Republicans believe we must protect pre-existing conditions and tackle the cost of prescription drugs. We must also make the most of our exciting opportunity with NHRMC to ensure our hospital and health care system continues to thrive and evolves into one of the leading health care providers in the state.



Mail-in Absentee Ballot

Until 5 PM on Election Day

There are no restrictions on this method in New Hanover County. After completing an Absentee Ballot Request Form, you will receive a ballot in the mail that you must complete and mail back by 5:00 PM on November 3.


One-Stop Voting

October 15 – 31, 2020

Also known as “Early Voting”, One-Stop Absentee Voting allows you to cast an in-person ballot prior to Election Day. If you missed the registration deadline you may register using the Same-Day Registration process at a one-stop location.


Election Day

November 3, 2020

All 43 New Hanover County precincts are open on Election Day for voting. If you choose to vote on Election Day, you should present at the polling place that is specific to your voting precinct as noted on your voter registration record.

Can we Count on You to Vote Republican?

We need to vote Republican leaders in office up and down the ballot. Download a sample ballot for your district to review Republicans running for office in New Hanover County in 2020.