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Final Week of Early Voting, Don’t Wait!

by | Oct 25, 2021

We are in the final stretch of early voting in Wilmington, which ends on October 30th.  Election day is Tuesday, November 2nd.  All elections, be it local, state, or national are more important today than they have ever been in American History.  Why?  It should be clear to almost everyone, including our local Democrats, there is a well-orchestrated and complex plan to erode the freedoms of all Americans.

By voting for our conservative “council members” you will help to ensure the following:

  1. Support for our local police officers:  Reducing crime is far more important than indoctrinating our police force with CRT ideology.  Crime in Wilmington is on an alarmingly upward trajectory.  6.13 persons per 1,000 are likely to be a victim of a violent crime, (murder, rape, armed robbery) compared to an NC State average of 3.72 persons per 1,000. Eighty-three violent crimes occur in one square mile of Wilmington, compared to twenty-five per square mile in the state of North Carolina.  The City’s priorities are clearly misplaced. 
  2. Freedoms afforded by the ConstitutionWE WANT TO BE CRYSTAL CLEAR; WE ARE NOT ANTI-VACCINATION NOR ANTI-MASK. We, the New Hanover, GOP, and the candidates circled in RED are strong proponents of every American having the Freedom to evaluate the risk imposed in any situation and make a choice that is best for themselves and their families.  We believe that individuals should adhere to obeying all Laws, but not be subject to the ever-changing mandates being issued by local, state, and federal governments.  We support governmental organizations presenting warnings and providing the “FACTS” about any associated risk.  But, the ultimate decider to determine adherence is you, as a free American citizen.  
  3. A more analytical examination of determining Property Tax and Budget Formulation:  The City Council members employed the same property tax deception of that used by the County Commissioners.  They were both quick to point out how they have boldly reduced your property tax rate.  Yes, that is true.  They did reduce the rate, a value used as the multiplier of your properties’ current value.  However, the value or valuation of your property increased 30% on average.  A decision was made not to reduce the rate low enough to maintain a tax-neutral scenario, thus resulting in a property tax increase for all Wilmington property owners. 

To reverse the trend of a more authoritative government and stop the overreaching mandates; it starts right here in your own backyard, the City of Wilmington.  Go to the polls and cast your votes for Jonathan Uzcategui, Charlie Rivenbark, and Luke Waddell.  We also encourage you to vote for Bill Saffo in the mayoral election.  We know that Bill Saffo will be way more likely to support our conservative values than Harper Peterson.   The liberal progressives will be out in force to support Peterson. Therefore, it is very important that you vote in the mayor’s race.