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Over the past few days, several New Hanover County parents have contacted us expressing concern about a form that students were directed to take home to their parents.  After a quick review, we can completely understand why parents might be confused and concerned.  The form asks the normal stuff, name, date of birth, school attending, etc.  The narrative within the form goes on to state; “I, parent or guardian authorize the mutual exchange of medical, psychiatric, social work, psychological, educational and developmental history information regarding the above-named student between New Hanover County Schools and the name of an agency the parent(s) is asked to provide.”

The form goes on to explain that “the purpose of this information is to ensure the educational program offered to your child is of the best possible quality.  It may be used in making recommendations regarding educational placement, but no decisions will be the final without separate consent.”

A Hidden Agenda

Many of us within the New Hanover County GOP leadership do not have children attending NHC schools.  However, we are concerned about every child attending schools and would have numerous questions before suggesting a parent should sign this form.  Here is our concern with the NHC Board of Education members:

  • We have lost all trust in almost everything this current liberal group of Board Members says.  We have proven they have lied to us on numerous occasions about the inclusion of CRT in the NHC school curriculum.
  • We are very suspicious of every proposal this current Board of Education offers.  They are the kings and queens of hidden agendas.
  • The very cryptic form that was sent home for parents to review should have accompanied a more detailed letter and been more specific, clarifying terms like “agency”, educational placement, quality education, etc.
  • What parent would blindly sign a form authorizing anyone to the “mutual exchange of medical, psychiatric, social work, psychological”, etc.?
  • We would want to know what information, if any, does each school have on the medical, psychiatric, social work, psychological, and developmental history of each child, and how was this information collected and diagnosed? What were the qualifications of those offering these prognoses?
  • How does this HIPPA protected information help the Board of Education and teachers develop educational programs that are of the best possible quality?  There is not a strong correlation between these unknowns.
  • Was this form sent home with every student in NHC? What grades were the children in who received this form?
  • Would you, as a parent, have any idea about what agency you would “insert” in the provided blank space?

The Time to Act is Now

Teachers were once one of the most highly revered professions in America.  Many of us often lobbied for higher wages and trusted teachers with our children’s development for 12 of their formative years.  That period in our history is quickly being erased by the actions of Board of Education Members and a large percent of the teachers, many of who embrace the socialistic ideology and are ensuring your children are indoctrinated.

What you can do now:

  1. You should send an email to the Board of Education members asking several questions like what we outlined in this article.  You should continue to attend Board of Education meetings and feel free to voice your opinions, your concerns, your opposition.
  2. Perhaps this form is for a worthwhile and honest effort to promote the value of public education.  Every parent should feel 100% comfortable before signing this document and certainly not until all of your questions have been answered to your satisfaction.
  3. We are always searching for well-qualified and motivated candidates to seek public office in NHC. The Board of Education might be something you want to consider.
  4. You can join our team. We are going to work extremely hard and do everything possible to place well-qualified conservatives in the four Board of Education seats that will be up for grabs in 2022.
  5. You can make a small contribution that will be used to help fund our new headquarters and to support our 2022 candidates.

We also want to invite you to attend the next NHC GOP County Meeting.  The meeting will be held on October 28th, starting at 6:30 PM is a meet and greet, the meeting starts at 7:00 PM.  The location is the Spring Hill Baptist Church Reception Hall, 801 N. College Road, Wilmington 28405