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In a recent interview on Fox News, it was learned that a Justice Department dossier, called the “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism,” was released this week.  Without going into detail, one political scientist warned the actual text proves even the most casual critic of the Biden Administration could ensnare you in its definition and, therefore, face punishment.  There are three factors contained in this lengthy document that defines a “domestic terrorist”:

  1. “Racism” – Racism is not clearly defined in the document.  Remember, CRT teaches that the color of skin determines if you are an oppressor or the oppressed.  This begs the question, are we guilty of being a domestic terrorist at birth and thus could face punishment?  Perhaps a silly example, but how many times have you heard the left label someone a racist merely by voicing opposition to something as unrelated as calling Hamas a terrorist organization? 
  2. “Anti-Government Sentiment” – In its most basic terms this would be defined as any sentiment made against the government.  Some examples include support for limited government or opposition to COVID-19 socioeconomic lockdown measures. 
  3. “Incitement” – The document does not give an explanation of incitement, except for the fact the government will determine what “incitement” means.  Although not defined, the document did contain examples: questioning the 2020 election, questioning the mandates put in place as a result of COVID, or engaging what the Government labels a conspiracy. 

This sounds more like a document generated by China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, etc.! Where are our First Amendment rights considered in this document? Why the draconian effort to silence well over 50% of American Citizens?  As you continue to observe and learn more about how America has so dramatically changed in just a short six months, you must ask yourself is this a country you want to live in and raise your children? 

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