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Biden Promotes Border Crisis

Biden Promotes Border Crisis

We all have witnessed the chaos occurring at our Southern border. We are all keenly aware that Biden and Harris have done absolutely nothing to address these problems. In fact, their proposed policy agenda will only make this problem much worse than it already is....

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Deborah Butler, Another Failed Dem Strategy and Candidate

Most of you know the name “Deb” Butler. She is the NC State Representative from House District 18. Before I add my own comments to this article, I want to recognize Kari Donovan, the author of “UNHINGED: White Progress Woman’s Racist Attacks on Lt. Gov Mark Robinson...

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BBB – a Pivotal Moment in American History?

Our Founding Fathers created a Republic that ensured your freedoms, one that promoted free enterprise, one that defended and supported its citizens, not one that makes our citizens reliant on it. We have shared with you 5 to 10 articles that document the roadmap on...

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