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Wilmington City Council Candidate – Luke Waddell

by | Aug 27, 2021

Luke Waddell is a proud citizen of Wilmington, North Carolina.

Click Here for more Information –  and continue below to understand why Luke is also a strong candidate for City Council.


Wilmington’s greatest asset is its people. The best ideas won’t come from City Hall but from individuals, businesses and organizations representing the diversity and needs of the entire community.


The surge in crime is unacceptable. All Wilmington citizens should feel free and safe to go downtown and enjoy the Riverfront and patronize businesses. Parents should be able to take their children to Long Leaf Park for a baseball game without worrying about a shootout occurring in the middle of it. Teenagers should be able to hang out with their friends without worrying about a drive-by taking one of their friends’ lives. This is not hyperbolic – these are real events that have happened recently. Full support of our law enforcement and first responders is paramount to ensuring the safety of our City. We can do better, we must do better.


Massive increases in assessed property values = higher taxes on Wilmington citizens’ homes and businesses. It is not fiscally responsible for property owners to bear the entirety of the tax increases, especially on the heels of recent shutdowns. Wilmington needs Pro-Business candidates who will fight for our community’s property owners and small business owners. 

As a small business owner, I work every day to ensure my company is sustainable and profitable, my clients are secure, our processes are streamlined and that our teams have the tools to craft solutions resulting in long term success. This is exactly what I can offer to our City Council.