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Wilmington City Council Candidate – Joel Brookins

by | Aug 27, 2021

Joel Brookins (J.B.) is a proud citizen of Wilmington, North Carolina. He served his country honorably as a United States Marine. His service to the community includes volunteering with the Wilmington Sea Cadets, and as a professional cook. He has been interested in politics and making the City of Wilmington better since 2019 and is ready to continue his service as a City Councilor.

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J.B. envisions a Wilmington that is safe, properly managed to sustain our growth patterns, home to great opportunities for our small businesses and residents alike, as well as a great place to live. Realizing this vision will take a dedicated leader who is willing to understand the numerous issues at hand, and make the best choice for Wilmington.


J.B. understands that the role of a City Councilor in Wilmington, North Carolina is a very demanding and daunting prospect for many. He is willing to step forward and lead the charge on the Council for the benefit of all within our great City.


The city of Wilmington is constantly evolving. There are many projects within our corporate borders that need a watchful eye. We must account for future growth while preserving our history within the City and make sure new projects and growth don’t marginalize our existing citizens.


J.B. will be a leader who is going to ensure we are responsible and good stewards of the taxpayer’s money. Ensuring that our budget is balanced and our spending invests in the future of the city is a top priority. Addressing tax issues, inflation and waste are critical to a healthy overall city budget.


There are proper ways to make changes within our community and we must abide by the law. As a city councilor of Wilmington JB would be directly responsible for approving the budgetary items within the Wilmington Police Department. JB will ensure we are funding our department for more training, personnel, and equipment.


The backbone of Wilmington is our small businesses. We need to promote free enterprise systems that support our small businesses. This includes supporting women-owned and minority-owned businesses. A free enterprise system allows for healthy competition and organic growth. Having worked for many small businesses within the City of Wilmington JB understands the headaches, hardships, and hard work needed for our small businesses to become successful.


Wilmington is under constant development and improvement. This means that we are constantly dealing with zoning issues pertaining to small and medium-sized businesses and the tax implications that surround those transactions. JB believes that zoning should work for the benefit of the citizens and not for outsiders seeking lower taxes. We also need incentives for those that live here as permanent residents for our community’s small businesses and local real estate transactions.