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It is important that you vote in the upcoming Municipal Election. While early voting ends on Saturday, you still have the chance to vote on Election day, Tuesday, November 2nd.  There are over 12,000 registered Republicans residing in the precincts that are eligible to vote in the Wilmington municipal election.  In the 2019 municipal election, just a little over 5,000 Republicans voted.  The 2021 election is too important for you to not vote.  You see the direction our country is heading; you see the socialist ideology infiltrating our city.  We strongly encourage you to take a few minutes of your time to Vote. Your Voice Matters!

Your Vote Matters More Than Ever

We have four amazing conservative candidates to fill three Wilmington City Council seats, Jonathan Uzcategui, Luke Waddel, Charlie Rivenbark, and Joel Brookins.  In addition, we strongly support incumbent Mayor Bill Saffo.  The following are reasons you should vote for these conservative candidates:

  • Strong support for our Law Enforcement Officers and other first responders
  • Focus on reducing violent crime, which is currently one of the highest for a city of its size in the entire state of NC
  • Give Police the tools and training to better do their jobs, reducing crime is way more important than the current CRT indoctrination training
  • Focus on solving the clean air and water issues for all residents. Democrats can not show any progress made in the past five years.
  • Preserve our city history.  The new history will not be one of indoctrination, and cancel culture
  • Work jointly with all New Hanover governmental agencies to explore shared goals and objectives
  • Growth is important to the city, but it must be controlled growth, and growth that considers impacts on future infrastructure needs, roads, bridges, schools, mass transportation, job growth, etc.
  • Fiscal responsibility, each dollar spent will have a positive impact on achieving the goals and objectives of making the city a better place to live and/or work
  • Be mindful of the property tax burden already imposed on all homeowners and ensure this is a key consideration as the federal income tax burden and higher inflation rates will soon become a much larger burden under the current administration.  Residents can only endure a limited amount of cost-of-living increases.