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The media has told us that the Republican Red Wave is coming. We believe that it will happen given the numerous failed policies of the Democrats. We also believe that it is important not to be overconfident as we have reached a point where there is too much to lose if we fail in November.

We need your help to ensure a sweeping Republican victory so we can get our Country, North Carolina and New Hanover County back. We need both volunteers and financial contributions for the following:

Ensuring election integrity: Joe Biden has recently said that the fall election may be illegitimate if Democratic legislation is not passed that would eliminate Voter identification. Many are concerned that irregularities could surface in the fall and volunteers will be needed for a whole host of positions to safeguard a free and fair election.

Reaching Independent Voters: Volunteers and funding is needed to build a strong, modern communications infrastructure featuring digital capabilities and media to reach the right voter with the right message at the right time.

Building a Grass Roots Organization: There are a range of needs from Block Captains to Canvassing volunteers and Welcome Committees and Poll watchers to name a few.  This will require volunteers and funding to mobilize New Hanover County.

Even though November is 8 months away we have a great deal of work to do at the precinct, county, state and national level. We are hoping you can join the Team or make a contribution.

Don’t Be Over-Confident or Leave it to Your Neighbor

The New Hanover County Republican Party is committed to the fight. We are working hard to support conservative candidates that will reverse the direction New Hanover is currently headed. Republicans want to make voting easy and cheating hard.  We need you to help us fight this fight.