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During Biden’s recent 2-hour marathon press conference he was asked about his recent poll approval ratings, Biden surprisingly said, “Name one president who has done more than I have in the first year.” Yes, Biden’s done a lot, but what of it has been positive for the American people? Later, Biden said, “I am not sure what Republicans stand for. McConnell does not know what Republicans stand for.”


Among the many things Biden has been wrong about, stating Republicans do not have a clear message is near the top of his list of misinformation. The purpose of this article is not to bash the Biden Administration. We merely want to illuminate the fact we know exactly what we stand for and what is needed to restore our freedoms and work hard to narrow the divisiveness that currently exists.

The GOP’s New Contract with America

Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, recently reported that he is highly likely to assist current House members to draft an additional version of his 1994 “Contract with America”. The 1994 contract was an immensely powerful document that does not condemn current administration policies, but clearly defines the direction a Republican controlled congress would pursue. Newt’s 2022 contract version has not been drafted but expect it to come out soon. We thought we would provide our view from the ten feet level here in New Hanover County. We will be sure to share Newt’s version just as soon as it is made available to the public.


  • Education: Establish standards for our schools that guarantee opportunity for all, and demand that failing schools be closed or reformed. Curtail the power of the teachers and board members who oppose accountability. Parents have a voice in what is being taught to their children, with a return to core curriculum such as math, reading, science. Board of Education members are not empowered to issue health mandates, e.g., mask mandates. Make school choice a reality for all Americans. Tax dollars follow the student not the institution.


  • Immigration Policy and Reestablish Borders: The US is a land of immigrants and we support immigration into our country through legal means. Nevertheless, the flow of illegal migrants must be halted and our borders made secure. The flow of dangerous drugs streaming across our border that are responsible for 100,000 American deaths each year must be stopped.


  • Election Integrity: We must restore faith and trust in our election processes. We advocate that every American be given the right and opportunity to vote. We are in favor of voter identification, updated and accurate voter rolls, witness signature on absentee ballots, realistic deadline for absentee ballots to be submitted, realistic restrictions on drive thru voting, empowered poll observers, impartial precinct judges and overall transparency in the voting tabulation.


  • Common Sense Approach to Small Business Policy: Small business owners are the largest employers in America. A Ronald Reagan commonsense approach must be adopted to reduce taxes, eliminate “bureaucratic red tape,”  and not arbitrarily issue mandates that negatively impact employees.We don’t want trillions of dollars in the form of stimulus dumped into the economy that results in potential just staying home. Three million potential employees have currently opted to not work. Programs must be introduced or changed to restore this workforce back to the job place.


  • Defund the Police not an optionReduce Crime: Crime rates are at a record high across America. Support all law enforcement and use the power of the Federal Government in high crime areas. Americans must be made to feel safe in their communities.


  • Restore Energy Independence: Just one short year ago we were energy independent, today we are seeing energy costs at a 46.7% higher rate. We must continue to build the infrastructure needed to deliver energy at reduced costs, e.g., pipelines. We support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the development of electric transportation modes. However, again a commonsense approach must be made as it relates to the transition timing from energy to electric.


  • National Defense: National defense begins with secure borders. We will not be bullied by China, Russia, North Korea, and/or Iran. All potential adversaries must be made aware that we are investing the resources needed to maintain a strong military. We will unify and build on our existing relationship with all allies.


  • Inflation must be returned to normal levels: There are several reasons for the 40 year high inflationary rate. Much of this can be contributed to the simple economic theory of supply and demand. We want sensical policies to address things impacting the supply side like eliminate mask mandates for truckers, return the manufacturing of needed components back to America, eliminate mandates and incentives responsible for a reduced number of workers available to move products and provides other services to customers.

Stand with New Hanover County Republicans

This vision of what Republicans in New Hanover believe line up with most Americans’ concerns for our country. It is crucial we support Republicans in the next four years who stand strongly behind these values. Yes, our country will thrive, but the trickle down affect will be stunningly positive for New Hanover County.

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