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Most can agree that COVID-19 was and remains to be a very serious health threat not only to America, but the entire world.  The recently discovered Delta variant of COVID is reportedly more contagious. The White House claims this new outbreak is attributed to the unvaccinated.  The reality is we don’t know what the truth is or what the science is telling us.  The medical information being provided by the White House and the CDC changes daily.

Hold the New Hanover County Commissioners and Wilmington City Council Accountable

With full acknowledgement that health is of paramount concern for all citizens, we cannot allow this to become a convenient excuse for local Boards, Councils and Commissions to dramatically limit the input of concerned New Hanover County Citizens. This is a disturbing trend that indicates our local Governing Bodies are taking steps to better control input and to silence dissenting opinions.

Concerns about the New Hanover County Board of Education

Let’s examine our concerns:

  • During the July 2021 Board of Education meeting, an abrupt halt was ordered by the Board. The Board felt their control over the audience had been completely lost, even with multiple law enforcement officers in immediate proximity.
  • During an earlier Board of Education meeting, the Board ordered that a citizen be escorted not only out of the building, but completely off the property.  Was it about what the individual was saying or was it because of some other unidentified technicality?  Was this a successful attempt to violate someone’s First Amendment rights?
  • The Board’s July meeting abruptly ended with less than half of the approved speakers being given the opportunity to voice their concerns. The Board decided to reconvene the following week (this decision was made before the news of two Board members testing positive for COVID). After the positive tests were made public, a decision was made for the meeting to continue online. The remaining previously approved speakers were then given the option to submit a pre-recorded statement to be played during the meeting.  But even before allowing the remaining 33 speakers to record a statement, the Board Members voted to determine if these recordings from citizens would even be heard.  The vote was narrow – 4 to 3 in favor of allowing the recorded conversations.

We must inform local government Boards and Commissions that we will not relinquish our right to participate in public meetings.  It is understandably acceptable if COVID concerns are a reason for reverting to online meetings.  However, these meetings should not, and cannot be substantially altered to reduce or eliminate the unfiltered inputs of our concerned citizens.  Our elected Boards MUST include formats that allow the citizens they represent to voice their opinions.

Don’t allow Government Officials to Silence your Dissenting Voice

These elected officials must be reminded that they have a duty to represent you and your family.  This representation is non-existent if you do not have a platform to voice your concerns or approvals.

It is time to remind every local elected official that all meetings going forward must include a platform for concerned citizens to speak and be heard.  Please send a quick email or letter to ensure they understand your position on free speech and the right to be heard.

Contact information can be found on the following links: New Hanover Board of Education, New Hanover County Board of Commissioners, Wilmington City Council.

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