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A recent Mask Mandate Protest was covered by several news outlets including WWAY. Please watch their video via the link below and read the article. In addition, we’ve included action steps below the WWAY article, so that you can make a difference!

WWAY: Protesters advocate for choice as mask mandate goes into effect in New Hanover County.

By Sydney Bouchelle -August 20, 2021 9:30 PM

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) – A mask mandate went into effect at 5 p.m. on Friday in New Hanover County and a group promptly showed up at the government building to protest the mandate.

Dozens showed up touting signs that said “we will not comply,” “unmask our children,” and more. The protesters who showed up before 5 p.m. went inside the government building, taking laps and chanting things like, “the constitution and bill of rights are still in effect” and “my body, my choice.”

Organizers and participants took turns addressing the crowd, all advocating for the right to choose and encouraging others to fight for their liberties and freedoms.

“There’s a lot of people out here that are upset, because they feel like our liberties are being stripped away. I’m one of them,” Libby Dunn said.

Many people like New Hanover County Republican Liberty Caucus Chair David Perry expressed frustration about the entity implementing the mask mandate, because they are not elected. The Health and Human Services Board is appointed.

“You have an un-elected health and human services board telling individual private businesses how to run their things and telling us what we have to do and possibly levying out lots of fines and we just don’t think it’s right,” Perry said.

The group called for a change in elected leaders, in county commission, city council, and the school board. Libby Dunn aims to make change herself by running for county commission.

“We completely respect people’s right to wear masks or to get the vaccine. We want everyone to do what makes the most sense for them and everyone to have freedom to make their own health choices like we do in every other aspect of our life,” Dunn said.

Perry added that he had been vaccinated, reiterating their message is about giving people the choice to make their own decisions.

“Our message to everybody out there in New Hanover County is just say no. Just refuse to do it,” Perry said. “Hey, if you want to wear a mask, that’s great, that’s for you. But if you don’t, don’t just get pressured into it. Don’t be a sheep.”

WWAY reached out to the New Hanover County Democratic Party for a response to the protest, but the party chair declined to comment.

How can you help?

Call these Health and Human Services Board Members and demand answers now!  Your voice will make a difference!

  1.       David Howard, Health Director  910-798-6592
  2.       Carla Turner, Assist. Health Director  910-798-6559
  3.       Julia Olson-Boseman, Cty. Comm. 910-798-7148
  4.       Dr. Virginia W. Adams, At-Large/Human Services Consum.  910-367-9920
  5.       Patrick Brien, At-Large/Human Services Consum.  585-749-7255
  6.       Dr. Matthew Cox, Optometrist  336-263-4687
  7.       Dr. Kara Duffy, Veterinarian  609-354-8519
  8.       Dr. Linda Francis, Psychiatrist  800-735-7305
  9.       Jody Long, Psychologist  336-964-5638
  10. Linda “Candy” Robbins  910-392-2200
  11. Frankie Roberts, At-Large/Human Services, Consum.  910-762-4635
  12. Dr. Stephanie D. Smith, Nurse  910-279-9830
  13. Dr. Kim Thrasher Horne, Vice-Chair, Pharmacist  910-619-3755
  14. Dr. LeShonda Wallace, Chair, At-Large Services Consum.  973-342-0979
  15. Dr. David W. Zub, Physician  336-561-9112


Please take action by contacting the Health and Human Services Board Members And the County Commissioners. Fill out the survey the commissioners provided.

On Tuesday, August 17, 2021, The New Hanover County Health and Human Services Board voted unanimously to move forward with a proposed health rule to mandate face coverings in all indoor public places within New Hanover County, regardless of vaccination status. The mandate includes offices and workplaces, business establishments, public transportation facilities and vehicles, and any place the public is invited or allowed to assemble. The county-wide mandate would also apply to anyone 2 years and older.

This mandate will be implemented through a health rule which requires 10 days’ public notice and an opportunity for public comment before the rule goes into effect. Please feel free to comment on this survey, and to directly contact the New Hanover County Commissioners listed below.

Here is a quote from the County Board of Commissioners: “I appreciate the leadership of the HHS Board in taking this action, and as a Health and Human Services Board Member and County Commissioner, I fully support a county-wide mask mandate,” said Board of Commissioners Chair, Julia Olsen-Boseman.

You can read the Public notice here.

Action Steps

  • Share this email with family, friends and parents.
  • Contact the Board of Commissioners and respectfully voice your opinion.

Here is the contact information for the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners:

Julia Olsen-Boseman, Chair
Phone: (910) 798-7148

Deb Hayes, Vice-Chair
Phone: (910) 798-7259

Jonathan Barfield, Jr., Commissioner
Phone: (910) 233-8780

Rob Zapple, Commissioner
Phone: (910) 798-7306

Bill Rivenbark, Commissioner
Phone: (910) 798-7260

Additionally, here is how you can join in the fight in New Hanover County:

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Attend GOP Meetings

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It is requested that you bring non-perishable food items to the meeting.  If we all pitch in, we can feed many hungry children. Our Thanks.

We want to thank you all and welcome you to join us in this extremely important fight. Thousands of voices are much louder than a few.