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Urgent Call to Action: Stop NHC Reckless Spending & Taxes

On May 25, 2021, we sent a “Call to Action” email message to over three thousand conservatives: informing you of a 10% increase in your property taxes, proposed by the County Commissioners. We even provided three email options for you to simply copy and paste into your own email to voice your objection to an unneeded tax increase.

We have recently had the opportunity to review the entire County Commissioners’ budget proposal and have found other budget line items that should cause you concern. The following is a quick summary of budgetary line items that your property tax increase would help fund:

  • a 60% pay increase for all County Commissioners.
  • a proposal to make New Hanover County Teachers the highest paid in the entire state of North Carolina. (Note: Schools have been closed for the vast majority of the school year, and there was a reluctance for teachers to return to the classroom even after CDC guidelines had been met. CRT, equity, white privilege, and other related topics are being proposed by many teachers and the Board of Education to become a part of your children’s education)
  • Nineteen19 additional mental health counselors, another school health nurse supervisor, and school health team leaders. We have reviewed hundreds of articles, and while there are a few proponents supporting the introduction of CRT, equity, oppressor vs. oppressed, and Project 1619, the vast majority (almost 80%) of Americans are not in favor of their child’s mind being altered as a part of a school curriculum. In every article, nurses and mental health counselors are identified as critically important components in successfully achieving the desired results of progressive programs like CRT. This begs the question, why are the County Commissioners including in the budget, nineteen 19 mental health counselors to work in New Hanover County Public Schools?

What can you Do?

Simply copy the text below and send to one or all the County Commissioners:


Sample Email Text:

As a concerned citizen of New Hanover County, I oppose an unsubstantiated property tax increase. The Commissioners have failed to demonstrate why this increase is warranted. I especially disagree with many of your proposed budget items. Specifically:

  • I do not support the 60% pay increase for Commissioners. A pay increase but at a level more in line with the inflationary index.
  • You have failed to justify the requirement to hire “mental health counselors” as part of our public-school staff. It is no secret that mental health professionals are a desired component of the CRT, equity, white privilege, Project 1619 movement. I am not sure you realize that almost 80% of American’s oppose CRT related topics being part of their child’s education.

Your decisions today will have election consequences in the future.


Concerned Citizen

You can also call one of the following numbers and leave a message or speak to one of the Commissioners:

  • Boseman (910) 798-7148
  • Barfield (910) 233-8780
  • Zapple (910) 798-7306
  • Crowell (910) 798-7143
  • Hays (910) 798-7259
  • Rivenbark (910) 798-7260

You also have the option to attend the June 7, 2021 meeting to voice your opinion. The meeting will be held at:

NHC Courthouse
24 North 3rd Street Room 301
begins at 4PM

The most important thing for you is to ensure your voice is heard. The conservatives are no longer the “silent” majority. Together we can rescue America and preserve our America First values.