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We have an Urgent Call for HELP to Get Out the Vote!

by Nov 4, 2019Blog, Words of Wisdom from Wayne

November 4, 2019, New Hanover County Election Update

Candidate Statements

A Message from Harry Smith, a Republican Running for Wilmington City Council

“The reason to vote republican is because regardless of the race …federal, state or local.  It is the Republican ideals and values that you are supporting. Wilmington may be nonpartisan , that does not mean that the current 6 democrats on city council don’t have democratic ideas and agendas. We must bring common sense and logic to city politics.”

A Message from Neil Anderson, a Republican Running for Wilmington City Council

“When you vote tomorrow, it is important that you only vote for Harry Smith and me.  This is critical to maximize the impact of your vote and elect two solid Republicans on city council in Wilmington to move us in a conservative direction.”

November 4, 2019, New Hanover County Election Update

Early Voting Shows Dems Ahead; We Need Your Help with Republican Turnout!

Municipal and Local Elections are our Long-term Strategy

Although voting in smaller elections may seem ‘insignificant’, political experts know these elections are very important. Not only are these elections essential for the health of our local governments, but they are also paramount for the long-term strength of the Republican Party.

What it means for us when Republicans win municipal elections…

For the immediate term, we can ensure our cities and counties are properly managed and remain financially sound with Republicans in office.

And for the long-term, it’s our elected local leaders we’ll be looking at as future state-wide and federal-level candidates. If the number of conservative municipal leaders remains small, our pool of quality candidates for future office will also be small. Our goal is to grow this number.

“Wilmington’s city council has only one sitting Republican councilman; we’re determined to double this on Tuesday!”

– Will Knecht, Republican Chairman of New Hanover County.

This New Hanover County municipal election is similar to past local elections. Although Republican representation on the ballots across our beach communities is strong, conservative candidates are greatly outnumbered on the City of Wilmington ballot.

For tomorrow’s election, Wilmington has 12 council candidates listed on the ballot. A mere two are registered Republican. The others are liberal partisans chasing the scent of real estate money. There are no Republicans running for mayor this go around. However, if we can re-elect Neil Anderson and bring Harry Smith to the council, we will lay a solid foundation to flip this city red in the next election.

Again, our two Republican Wilmington city council candidates are…

Harry Smith and Neil Anderson

We can’t sit on our laurels on election day and continue to let our cities be overrun by the left-wing Democratic Party with a history of ruining cities. Please help us get more Republicans and conservatives to the polls tomorrow!

How can You Help? There are 3 Things you Can Do…

First, Email this Post’s URL to All of your Conservative Friends

Email is easiest and most reliable way you can spread our message. Start a personal email list of your conservative friends today and send them this post. This email list you create will also be very beneficial for the 2020 election.

As for social media, feel free to post this article to your favorite news feed. However, we believe social media platforms aren’t doing conservatives and Republicans any favors. Facebook is widely viewed to be squelching conservative messages to only a few followers. Twitter is no longer accepting political ads. And Google’s Youtube is de-ranking what they deem “unfavorable political speech” during critical moments; and they’re doing this to even slightly-left-of-center Democratic candidates (Learn how YouTube meddled with Tulsi Gabbard’s video at what could’ve been a break-through moment for her campaign).

Second, Volunteer to Help Republicans Close Some Wins on Election Day

If you have the time, please volunteer today and tomorrow, Election Day. Often, it’s the last minute push that makes or breaks a campaign.

It’s time to stop yelling at CNN on TV. Contact us to be a Volunteer and make Republican wins happen!

We are urgently seeking volunteers for the following:

  • making phone calls;
  • handing out literature at polling stations; and,
  • reminding Republicans in your own neighborhood to go out and vote.

If you’re interested in doing this, please contact us; either by phone or by clicking the button below to fill out our contact form.

Call (910) 218-1437

 Third, Call your Conservative Friends and Enlist their Help

Get out the vote the old fashioned way, call your Republican and conservative neighbors to get out and vote. Maybe they’d be interested in volunteering as well. Word of mouth is the most powerful way to win elections. So chat it up! Let your friends and know we can break the liberal hold on Wilmington!

We don’t want our city to become known as the Chicago of the South or the San Francisco of the East. We need to get others to vote Republican!



We can Easily Win with Wide Margins Merely by Soliciting Republican Votes

This is an off-year election. And unlike a Presidential election, only a fraction of voters actually vote in off-year elections. So few people vote in these elections, in fact, there’s no need to sway independents or unaffiliated voters. We only need to inform the Republican base and get them to vote.

Unfortunately, exit data from last week shows that Republicans are behind in early voting – Dems are out voting us 2-1. Yes, we have some ground to make up on Tuesday (see enclosed chart showing early voting attendance from last week). Luckily, a relatively small number of people voted early, which we can comfortably overcome only if we make the effort.

The numbers are easy to reach if we can get Republicans to vote!

It only takes 4,000 votes to win a Wilmington City Council race. Far less than a thousand votes are needed in each of the beach communities to win Mayor and Council. Your vote does matter. It’s critical we get out the vote and remind all of our Republican friends to vote. Let’s do it!

2019 New Hanover County Early Voting Data

(click to graph to enlarge)

Early voting date shows that Democratic voters are out-voting Republican voters 2-1. We need to get out the vote on Tuesday, November 5th.