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“Those Who Do Not Learn from History Are Doomed to Repeat”.  But in America?

There are dozens of examples of failed societies, doomed nations, thriving economies and powerful nations being relegated to poor third world states only because of the blindness, or in most cases a thirst for absolute power by a leader or a party that believes their way is the only way.  You don’t have to be a Doctor of History to know that there are numerous examples of once proud and prosperous countries that have been removed from the world stage, Cuba, Venezuela, and Haiti immediately come to mind.  To provide you an unfiltered, factual discussion on the “progressives’” plan to change America this is the first of many articles that will demonstrate how each policy, action and agenda impacts you and the future of America.

In What Direction is America being lead? You Decide!

It has been over 100 days since the current administration took control of the Whitehouse, the Senate, the House and currently targeting the Supreme Court.  The following is a discussion about how your children, grandchildren are being reindoctrinated in many of the public schools throughout America.

Curriculum in your Children’s’ School – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (founding head of Soviet Russia and the Soviet Union) is credited with stating “Give Me One Generation of Your Children and I’ll Transform Your Country” and “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” In a recent article “Wake County North Carolina Is Hot Bed of Leftist Public-School Indoctrination”, the article points out many disturbing facts that all parents should be concerned.  This article explains that “New American” is run by Google head Schmidt and will not be a surprise to students of leftist culture-power grabs, because that is what the left wants.”  One facilitator said when talking about why anti-bias training has to happen in teaching finance and math, “It is up to us to change what we do not like about society by training the person who is going to fight for us in the future.” Teachers are taught to put an emphasis on social justice sources as reliable sources of teaching materials for classrooms. “The racist system is that the child is not seen as intelligent as the teacher,” the facilitator said. “We want to reject Eurocentric and White culture.” They call it “Culturally Responsive Teaching” and what it means is that everything is about culture, and all White culture is racist and therefore the country is racist and needs to be revolutionized by school children.

How does this impact you? Parents should have a loud voice in what is being taught to your children.  Parents should have a choice in the type of education your child is receiving, one that prepares them for adulthood, not an advocate of socialism.  Because you object to the curriculum being taught does not make you a raciest, a term that the left will surely label you.

What can I do?  Thousands of voices are much louder than one single voice of dissatisfaction and a cry for help.  Your New Hanover County GOP team is comprised of like-minded Patriots who have adopted the resolve to standup against the liberal and progressive agenda polices that are sure to destroy the America we knew and loved.  You can be a part of our TEAM.  You can volunteer to serve on one of our committees or teams.  You can also make small one-time or monthly contribution of $5, $10, $20, etc.  The funds we raise will help us invest in technology to grow our support base, fund events, support candidates that support our American First Agenda, and help end the madness we have all witnessed in just the first few weeks of the next four years.  To Volunteer, Contribute, or to stay informed about your NHC GOP please continue visiting