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Whereas, The Honorable Thomas Tillis United States Senator of North Carolina has indicated a willingness to provide amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, thereby encouraging even more illegal immigration, jeopardizing American lives and jobs, and circumventing the rule of law;

Whereas, 11/29/22, Senator Tillis voted for The Respect of Marriage Act, putting in jeopardy the 1st Amendment Constitutional protection of religious liberty in violation of the State and National GOP Platforms;

Whereas, on 7/26/22, Senator Tillis voted for CHIPS Act $250 billion package that blends corporate welfare with industrial policy, Bill HR 4346;

Whereas, 6/24/22, Senator Tillis voted for the Safer Communities Act Gun Control Bill;

Whereas, 3/11/22, Senator Tillis voted for funding earmarks in the $1.5 trillion omnibus bill;

Whereas, 3/7/22, Senator Tillis voted to bail out the United States Post Office without proper funding;

Whereas, 12/3/21, Senator Tillis voted to fund President Joe Biden’s progressive agenda and federal vaccine mandates through Feb. 18, 2022;

Whereas, 3/25/21, Senator Tillis voted to extend the Paycheck Protection Program without steps to mitigate fraud;

Whereas, 5/14/20, Senator Tillis voted against requiring the government to obtain a warrant before using FISA courts to spy on Americans;

Whereas, Senator Tillis priorities are not the priorities of the People of North Carolina nor are his actions in keeping with the principles of the Republican Party of North Carolina.

Now, therefore, be it Resolved That—

(1) The New Hanover County GOP strongly condemns the actions of The Honorable Thomas Tillis in his role as Senator from North Carolina, and

(2) Senator Tillis be informed of this action by both registered mail and publication on the New Hanover County Republican Party website, and

(3) The New Hanover County Republican Party requests District 7 of the North Carolina Republican Party to endorse and join in this condemnation of Senator Tillis at its next convention, and

(4) The New Hanover County Republican Party requests District 7 to forward a motion to the North Carolina State Republican party that Senator Tillis be censured and expelled from the North Carolina State Republican Party.