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During the past 2 years, both the NC House and the Senate have held a Republican majority, which means that have been able to pass a lot of conservative legislation. However, this has only provided Gov. Cooper to establish a new record for the most vetoes in NC History.

The following are eight examples of those Vetoed Bills:

  • House Bill 270 – protecting legal law-abiding citizens by preventing illegal alien criminals with Federal
    immigration detainers and administrative warrants being released from local custody and being able to
    continue to be involved in criminal activity.
  • House Bill 324 – preventing Critical Race Theory from being taught in our schools.
  • House Bill 264 – limiting the Governor’s authority during a declared state of emergency without the
    concurrence of the Council of State.
  • Senate Bill 173 – allowing parents to decide if their children should wear masks to school.
  • Senate Bill 250 – removing foreign citizens from voting rolls.
  • Senate Bill 326 – requiring mail-in absentee ballots to be received on the date of the election.
  • House Bill 805 – which would have increased penalties for engaging in riots that result in personal injury
    of destruction of property (similar to the riots that we saw across the State in the summer of 2020).
  • Senate Bill 359 – which would have prevented babies born alive from an unsuccessful abortion being put
    in a location to die.

Although the Senate proposed Parents Bill of Rights has not yet passed the NC House and Senate, if and when it is passed, it will certainly be Vetoed by Cooper.

The above are examples of the over one hundred House and Senate passed pieces of legislation that have made their way to Cooper’s desk only to be VETOED.  However, there is a way to end this endless stalemate that is occurring in our State Capital. The November 8 election presents a perfect opportunity for conservatives to gain a “super majority” in both the NC House and Senate.  This “Super Majority” would pave the way for an opportunity to override any Veto and thus being enacted as law. This is exactly why it is so important to help Michael Lee (District 7 NC Senate), Ted Davis (House District 20), Charlie Miller (House District 19) and John Hinnant (House District 18) WIN in November.

When we share this information via an email communication or during discussions in our meetings, we often receive comments like I wish I could help, but job, kids, illnesses in family and other commitments do not allow me time to take on anything else.

We have the perfect opportunity for you to help us fight the fight.  We have just recently implemented our 10 for ten campaign. We ask you to contribute $10 for ten months to help us ensure conservatives that share the same ideals and values as you win in November.

Conservative victories in November will result in addressing issues like parental rights, a return to core curriculum in schools, school safety, social emotional learning, equity, inclusion and diversity, public safety and crime, drug smuggling and overdoses, local taxes, election integrity, gangs, and violent crime.

Join the fight today and be a supporter of 10 for ten.