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3.5 Trillion Reasons You Must Read!

Before we dive into the Democrats’ proposed socialism for all plan, one that will guarantee the destruction of America, we ask why Americans aren’t more outraged by this proposal?  If ever there was a time to stand together, voice our opposition, and do everything possible to save America- the time is now.  At the end of the day, we all must say “we did everything possible.”  The words of Haile Selassie say it best, “Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.”

It is almost impossible to believe that a reported 50 percent of Americans support the “Zero Cost”, $3.5 trillion socialist doctrine, also known as the Build Back Better (BBB) Plan.  This only proves one or more of the following:

  • A large percentage of Americans are uninformed or naïve
  • Some percent of Americans embrace the socialist ideology
  • Some Americans don’t realize that this “free lunch” is temporary at best and is not sustainable
  • Many Americans are currently distracted by other catastrophic events occurring in the world
  • Few Americans have studied enough history to realize that socialism is a failed ideology. Cuba, Vietnam, China, Venezuela all serve as good examples.
  • Few Americans actually know what is contained in the BBB bill
  • Some Democrats simply follow whatever the party says

It does not take a rocket scientist, or better yet, the smartest economist and historian to forecast what future America will look like if the BBB bill is passed.

  • Yes, the rich will be far less rich, and in the short term, they will carry the burden of funding this socialist ideology.  In the long term, they will be joining you in the bread lines.
  • Get used to what we are currently experiencing with the supply chain issues.  The grocery store shelves will be emptier, the price of energy will double, and your dollar will be almost worthless
  • Yes, you will be entitled to free medicine, but oops, another supply chain problem.  You will have a lengthy wait, perhaps too long.
  • Yes, you will be entitled to free or severely reduced medical care, but nothing elective.  Like currently in Venezuela, no knee, hip, or shoulder replacements.  Don’t worry, you’ll get used to the pain.
  • Sure, you will get free college, but no job.  The government will be the major employer and you better be a card-carrying socialist to even get an interview.  There might be vacancies in the IRS to monitor your neighbor’s bank accounts, or perhaps one of the lucrative environmental police.
  • Yes, you might be an American citizen, but you will have to compete with individuals formerly known as illegal migrants for jobs, food, housing, medicine, and energy.  Forgot to mention they will no longer be referred to as migrants, that term in the future America is “non-indigenous person”.
  • America’s debt burden will reach a point that there will be no hope of future borrowing and the printing of more money will not solve the problem

While we have already stated our surprise in learning that 50 percent of Americans support the BBB socialist doctrine; it is even more difficult to believe that 48 educated and informed United States Senators are eagerly willing to throw our Constitution out the window and negatively transform the Country our Founding Fathers laid the foundation, and many have died to build, preserve, and protect.

Before we highlight several of the line items in the BBB doctrine let’s explore some possibilities why there is not a loud and united coalition of Americans that are voicing their strong opposition to such a clearly damaging proposition being proposed by the left and considered by the left and not so far left legislators.  There is not one sane or even insane politician on the planet today or perhaps in history that would knowingly make the decisions that Biden has in the past nine months.  Presidents are aware when their approval rating drops into the mid-thirties.  Even Biden knows but plows ahead.  You must ask yourself the question; why would a President all but hand the opposing party gift-wrapped assurances they will win future elections? Before we help you explore answers to this question, let’s look at some examples of the divisive, unbelievable, and ridiculous actions that Biden or his puppet master has taken:

  • Introduced Critical Race Theory, self-proclaimed females participating in girls’ sports, promoting young students to self-identify preferred gender decisions and then labeling concerned parents “domestic terrorist” when they voice objection
  • Attack on the energy sector, stopping current pipeline projects, and not allowing permits for new pipelines.  Turning American from energy independent to energy-dependent in a few short months.  Resulting in gas prices increasing over 45% and natural gas to a 100% increase.
  • Planned and executed one of the worst military operations in American History, resulting in 13 brave men and women military personnel unnecessarily dying.  Hundreds of Americans were left behind in a terrorist nation after promising all Americans would be safely removed.  Have you noticed that Biden has not publicly said the words Afghanistan, Taliban, or American remaining in that Country?  There has been no remorse or acknowledgment of the current situation.
  • Not only has Biden ensured that the Southern Border is wide open, but he has also placed welcome mats all over the State of Texas.  Over two million untested, and unvaccinated illegals have crossed into the United States since January 2021.  One of the very few topics Biden is willing to address is the national centers on COVID vaccinations and mask mandates.  He has enthusiastically encouraged companies to “fire” employees who opt not to be vaccinated.  However, it is perfectly OK if the two million migrants roam the country without being vaccinated.
  • The recent stimulus packages, child tax credits, and unemployment benefits have resulted in millions of Americans being unwilling to go back to work.  The “supply chain” crisis we are now witnessing is due to a five-hundred thousand truck driver shortage.  The Dems were aware of this potential problem back in early July.  Meanwhile, Mayor Pete is taking two months off for maternity leave, the grocery store shelves are becoming barer, and the food prices continue to escalate at an alarming rate.  The Department of Treasury recently stated, “inflation will continue until every person on earth is vaccinated.”  This must be one of the top five most irresponsible and ridiculously false statements ever made.  There is zero correlation.

The Democrats want you to believe that the Build Back Better or Human Infrastructure Bill will correct all these self-imposed catastrophic missteps.  We hope you understand how ridiculous that statement is.  They want to spend $4.3T and tax small businesses and hardworking citizens $2.9 trillion over the next 10 years to fix problems they have created.  There is a much better way to solve this problem, simply replace them.  This option really does cost zero. 

Indiana Congressman Banks (R) and his staff have done a thorough review of the 2400-page BBB plan.  The following are what Congressman Banks recently shared about BBB in his article “Mind-blowingly corrupt’: GOP congressman outlines ‘worst’ parts of $3.5T spending bill”.  Congressman banks have identified forty-two mind-blowing and corrupt proposals in the BBB bill, but in the interest of brevity we share only the following:

  • “Perpetuates a labor shortage” by continuing “welfare benefits without work requirements for able-bodied adults without dependents at a time where there are 10.1 million job openings — more openings than there are people looking for work.” (Our comment-this makes people more dependent of government for their basic need of security, one of the first steps of moving toward socialism)
  • $8 billion expected to be used toward commissioning a Civilian Climate Corps that would establish “a cabal of federally funded climate police” to “conduct progressive activism on taxpayers’ dime” and a “$10 billion ‘environmental justice’ higher education slush fund to indoctrinate college students and advance Green New Deal policies.” (Our comment – this sounds like another authoritarian government that established youth indoctrination programs.  We now know you can be labeled a domestic terrorist for simply voicing your concerns.)
  • Banks argued language requiring pre-K staff to have a college degree would hurt small and in-home daycares, saying it pushes “faith-based childcare providers out” of the sector.
  • While the Senate parliamentarian ruled that immigration reform could not be included in the bill, the memo argues that the Democrat-led measure provides “incentives for illegal immigration” including an enhanced child tax credit, the eligibility for student aid, and “free” college entitlement. (Our comment – this facilitates the government ensuring that college-educated, and fully indoctrinated employees are now working with your children.)
  • It “pushes Democrats’ wasteful and confusing school lunch agenda: $643 million for, among other things, ‘procuring … culturally appropriate foods’” in addition to providing a “tax credit for wealthy donors who give to woke universities
  • Although not mentioned in Banks Memo, one of the more egregious items in the proposal is the hiring of 8,000 IRS agents to monitor all bank accounts and report any transaction of $600 or more.  (Our comment – this is such an invasion of privacy and violation of the U.S. Constitution; we don’t need to say more.)

In response to the question, why aren’t more Americans concerned?  Could it be that the Administration wants your full attention to be directed toward education, immigration, inflation, supply chain shortages, COVID, vaccines, masks, Afghanistan, pending energy crisis, Christmas canceled, etc. while they are slowly pushing that football known as BBB across the goal line?

In closing, hopefully, this article has inspired you to ask what can I do as an American to help save our Country? Congressman Banks probably said it best.  We need to loudly oppose it. Democrats are scattered. The Biden agenda is in question. It’s the perfect opportunity to build public sentiment against this bill.  It’s not an understatement to say this bill, if passed, will fundamentally change our country forever — Americans will wake up in a few years and wonder what happened to their freedom. We can’t let that happen.

Here is what else you can do:

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