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The early voting period for the Wilmington Municipal Election begins on October 14th and ends on October 30th. We can not express strongly enough how important each vote will be in this election. We are thrilled to have four amazing conservative candidates seeking election for the office of Wilmington City Council: Joel Brookins, Charlie Rivenbark, Jonathan Uzcategui, and Luke Waddell.

Unfortunately, there are only three seats available this election cycle. Therefore, when you go to the polls to vote; you will see the names of the four conservative candidates on your ballot. Because it is important that we win all three of these seats, we ask that you cast your votes for Jonathan Uzcategui, Chalie Rivenbark, and Luke Waddell. While all four are tremendous candidates, we want to minimize the damage that splitting the votes could potentially cause.

On the ballot, you will also see two candidates for the City of Wilmington Mayor: Harper Peterson and Bill Saffo. There really is only one choice. It is critical that we reelect Bill Saffo. We are not going to employ the Democrats’ strategy of negative campaigning and hit tactics. The entire leadership of the New Hanover County Leadership places our full support behind Mayor Saffo. Mayor Saffo is the best candidate for Wilmington and the best candidate for you.

One final note. When you arrive at the polling station, you will easily be able to see your NHC GOP Volunteers. They can provide you with a sample ballot, or if you prefer, a QR code that will load the sample ballot to your phone.

We applaud your effort to exercise your right to vote and for making the very first step in helping restore America First Agendas. Our sincere thanks.


New Hanover County Republican Party