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Thank you for Volunteering!

We thank you for volunteering for the GOP Victory 2020!


As one of our team of volunteers, you are vital and valuable in the fight for for the success of our conservative Constitutional values and preserving our God given freedoms. Thank you for making the time to help elect candidates to office who adhere to the Constitution and who have a servant’s heart.

Someone will get back to you within 24 hours to help you get started.

Again, thank you!

Need an Absentee Ballot?

Can’t Vote at a Polling Station?


One-Stop Voting

If you choose to vote by the One-Stop absentee method, you simply appear in person at one of the One-Stop voting locations. One-Stop begins on the third Thursday before an election and ends on the Saturday before the election. One-Stop voting allows voters an opportunity to vote when it best suits individual schedules. At the voting location, you will vote much like you would on Election Day. The difference is you will be required to complete and sign an absentee request application prior to voting. Afterwards, you will obtain your ballot and make your selections. Completed ballots are placed in the ballot tabulator by the voter. Once you have submitted your application and executed the process of voting, the county board of elections will review your application and either approve or deny the submission.

One Stop Early Voting Site List

Voting Sites Locations Map