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On today’s Friday Update, Reuel Sample from the New Hanover County Republican Party discusses the very clear multi-tiered justice system in this country.  If you are are rich – or if you are ideologically or politically on the left – at times it appears the justice system does not apply to you at all.  Conservatives on the other hand face scrutiny at all levels – and are subjected to  a system clearly skewed against them.

Reuel Sample: Welcome to the NHC GOP Friday Update. I’m Reuel Sample. A matter of multi-tiered justice.

According to the AP, Hunter Biden, the 53 year old son of the President, will plead guilty to the misdemeanor tax offense as part of an agreement made with the DOJ on Tuesday. The son of the President failed to pay over $100,000 in $1.5 million of reported tax income. This agreement will also avert prosecution on a felony charge of illegally possessing a firearm as a drug user. The son of the President will not spend a day in jail.

We have always known in this country that there is a multi tiered justice system, that the more money that you have, the easier time you have of it in court, that your well-paid lawyers will get you out of most any jam. Those of us without money are at the mercy of the justice system. Yet the events of this week clearly show that there is another layer to this multi-tiered justice system, that of political party and ideology.

Consider the case of Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has not spent a day in jail for her mishandling of classified documents or even for the server in her closet that had so many security holes that it leaked more than a screen door on a submarine. Or for the rioters who caused millions of dollars in damages. And killed police officers and federal agents. How many of them are spending time in jail? Or the president himself who had classified documents stored in a garage.

Yet these are Democrats. And so will not face the same scrutiny as those who are on the right.

People on the right, such as Mark Houck, who was arrested, handcuffed and frogmarched in front of his seven children because he dared to escort people in front of an abortion clinic. Or a US Army sergeant who was convicted of murder because he defended himself when he found himself in the middle of a riot. Or a Marine who defended himself and others on a New York subway car from a young man who was clearly mentally ill. Or even consider the case of a former president of the United States indicted on charges that are clearly politically driven. But all these people are conservatives, and so they are at a different level of justice.

Republicans want a justice system that truly is blind and whose scales cannot be influenced by wealth or power. We want a justice system that is fair. A justice system that follows the law yet is merciful according to circumstance. We want a police force that truly investigates crimes. In short, Republicans want our legal system, our justice system to apply equally to all and to be the envy of the world.

 For the New Hanover County Republican Party, I’m Reuel Sample. Thank you for listening.