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Republicans in the North Carolina House passed a bill to expand the Opportunity Scholarship Program, which provides funds for low-income or special needs students to attend private schools across the state. The bill has moved to the Senate side where Sen. Michael Lee (R-New Hanover) is one of the primary sponsors of the House Bill. Sen. Lee said in a statement, “It’s clear that after a year of being forced into ‘virtual learning’, working-class families want a bigger say in their child’s education and Opportunity Scholarships can give them back their voice.”

The Democrat Party continues to spread the message that they are the party of the underprivileged, the minorities, and would want all to believe that the Republican Party is the party of the rich, and white privileged.

Actions certainly speak louder than words. Governor Roy Cooper’s recommended 2021-2023 budget plan eliminates the Opportunity Scholarship Program as of the 2021-22 school year. Gov. Cooper has been a strong opponent of any attempts to expand these school choice measures. Cooper has consistently targeted the Opportunity Scholarship Program for refunding in his budget proposals.

It should be noted that the Opportunity Scholarships have also been the target of a lawsuit filed by N.C. Association of Educators, the national teacher’s union.

The Democrats, in the state of North Carolina and most states, have clearly demonstrated where their loyalties are placed. At the detriment of 100’s of deserving and underprivileged students, the Democrats continue to support the Teachers’ Union.

Our America First Agenda is crystal clear on where conservatives stand on this agenda. We believe that parents and students should have the final say on where they will attend school. We believe that that tax dollars should go to the families of students to fund an individual’s education, not an institution.

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