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New Hanover County has been just as negatively impacted by the liberal left progressive party’s agenda as the State and the Country levels; we are allowing a small minority to decide the futures for many.  The failures of our County, State and Nation generated by liberal progressives’ agenda have been well documented.  It is unfathomable to believe there are thousands of New Hanover County residents that continue to support a failed experiment in socialistic political leadership and even more disturbing, there are so many of us that could bring this all to a halt but have chosen to remain silent. 

The destruction of America is often categorized as failed liberal progressive party agenda missteps. However, from the liberal left’s perspective these unbelievable mandates, executive orders, and failures to respond are all part of a plan to create chaos and distractions. Fortunately, the November General Election provides us the opportunity to restore America First Agendum is to reverse the damage that has been done to our democracy, freedoms, and our country. We cannot afford to remain complacent in the upcoming November election.  The following are two views of future America. One, a continuation of radical liberalization of America by the Democrats or two, the restoration of America First Agenda by the Republicans. To keep this narrative to less than 20 pages, we will limit our discussion to what New Hanover County, State and American citizens have identified as their primary concerns. 


Continued critical race theory, gender self-identification for those as young as five, divisiveness, lack of honesty and transparency, assuming the role of you as the parent An end to critical race theory and gender self-identification, a focus on core curriculum to prepare your children for successful futures, restore advanced classes, Parent and Student provided the right of “school choice”


Immigration and the Southern Border

Millions more flooding across the southern border and dispersed to every American state, primarily red states, continue flow of dangers and life-threatening drugs such as fentanyl (the number one cause of death for those between the ages of 18 and 44), human trafficking, child sexual exploitation, and embodiment of the cartel  A commonsense approach to immigration reform, secure the southern border as much as is possible with available resources, empower border patrol and state resources, more resources and technology to stop the flow of drugs. Influence Administration border policy via federal budget approval/disapproval.


Inflation, Food and Gas Prices

Continue failed energy policies driving gas to historical highs, estimated to be over $6 per Gal by end of summer, lack of vision and failure to take note of problem areas resulting in chaotic supply chain issues, e.g., baby formula, economic policies negatively impacting stock market, (retirement accounts are leaking your retirement dollars) Congressional pressure on Cabinet level secretaries to become more initiative-taking. Congressional control of the budget equals a louder voice in policy decisions. Control government social spending to help bring down inflation

Energy Policy

Continue the policy of voiding fossil fuel exploration permits in Alaska, Gulf of Mexico, and other federally controlled areas, continue policy that severely restricts the extraction of coal and natural gas, purchase oil from Iran and Venezuela, severely damage our existing energy sector and leave thousands of energy workers unemployed Climate change and environmental issues are extremely important, but a commonsense approach needs to be developed and adopted. We simply cannot continue to allow the decline of our National Defense, lower- and middle-class citizen devolve into poverty because of the escalating fuel and heating costs. We can transition to cleaner energy without destroying America in the process.

Policy and Organization Change

Continue to lobby for “packing the Supreme Court” to ensure a liberal leaning majority, continue the rhetoric to provide statehood to the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico giving the left four more liberal Senators in Congress, continue to push for eliminating the filibuster thus allowing a simple majority to pass catastrophic liberal agenda items, reintroduce massive social spending bills like Build Back Better that guarantees added inflation. Support and defend the Constitution, oppose statehood and additions to the Supreme Court for reasons to promote political agendas. Eliminate wasteful social spending.

If you are O.K. with the current direction America is headed, you are clearly now a part of a minority. In recent polls 79% of Americans feel that America is moving in the wrong direction, with the Administration’s approval ratings below 40%. 

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