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September 26, 2022

For immediate release:

New Hanover County, NC – The New Hanover County Republican Party is calling on NC Senate candidate Marcia Morgan and the dark money group spending millions supporting her, Majority Rising NC, to take down the blatantly false attack ads against Senator Michael Lee. 

Senator Lee has been clear about his opposition to an extreme abortion ban; he supports abortion exceptions for rape, incest, the health of the mother, and viability of the fetus; and seeks to find common ground. 

Marcia is an extremist on every issue. She has called herself a “flaming #$% liberal” who wants to raise your taxes on Day One, signed the pledge to Defund the Police, opposes common sense Voter ID laws, and wants government-run healthcare. 

Politifact would rate these ads as Pants on Fire lies. Marcia Morgan, Roy Cooper, and Majority Rising must stop telling outright lies about Senator Michael Lee to the people of New Hanover County in order to win an election.


Will Knecht

New Hanover County Republican Party Chair