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I want to thank all the conservatives that made it to the school board meeting yesterday, especially to all the excellent speakers. The Democrat crazies were on full display, and the thought of those people having control over our community’s education system should serve as a wake-up call to all reasonable people living in our county. You may have noticed by now that we are not dealing with reasonable people. They will do whatever it takes to seize power and indoctrinate our kids with their leftist religion whether you like it or not. These people didn’t take God out of schools to make things more neutral, they did it to make room for your kids to worship their Gods and their idols.  There is no discussion, there are no alternative views, they demand conformity. One mother in our community raises a valid concern and look at how they react.

We need to start asking ourselves, who are these teachers that are being funded by our hard-earned tax dollars that feel so compelled to impose these leftist delusions on our kids? Who thinks it’s okay for this guy Ibram X, a radical Marxist race-baiter, to be part of the curriculum in an AP English course, but not the works of actual thinkers like Alexis De Tocqueville, Charles De Montesquieu, James Madison and many others who gave massive contributions to the history of great ideas? The radical left does not have a single idea that would provide a better and brighter future for your children. They want to bankrupt this country, they hate the notion of individual rights, they do not believe in private property, and ironically, they think we’re all too stupid to live under self-government. It is the moral hardworking people of this county that mind their own business and want to be left alone that deserve to live under self-government. If the radical Democrats want to scream and fight their way into serfdom, I say let them do it, but leave us and our kids out of it!  We want our kids to learn the dangers of tyranny from books, Democrats want your kids to learn about it by taking them on a permanent field trip. We must continue to take back control of our school system. There is no compromise when it comes to our children, there is only victory.

Liberty requires maintenance! Share what you’ve witnessed with your friends and neighbors and encourage them to participate in our local party. The New Hanover County Republican party is not the Republican Party of Washington DC. We are a locally run volunteer community organization that operates in the best interest of our community under American Principles. There is no other agenda. We are all neighbors and the NHC Republican Party is the most effective place for us to pool our resources, our talents, and work together to claw back our liberty. It took over 100 years for the radical Democrats to put us in this situation, and it may very well take another 100 years to undue it – please don’t put that entire burden on the next generation. Your grandkids will one day want to know what you did when the leftists tried to overturn freedom in America. We have a duty to turn the tide and show them how to fight.


Nevin Carr III

Chair, New Hanover Co GOP