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The New Hanover County Republican Party’s 2022 Campaign Slogan is


You might be thinking this is not much of a Campaign Slogan. Let us explain!

First the Four – There are four Board of Education Member Seats that will be decided in the 2022 Election.  When we win all four seats we will:

  • End the Marxist Critical Race Theory being taught in our schools
  • End Social Emotional Learning that is damaging school age children
  • Give parents a voice to engage school board members without fear of being labeled a domestic terrorist
  • Return to a curriculum that prepares our children for a brighter future
  • Return to an education that teaches children how to think, not what to think.


The Three and the first Two are connected:  When we achieve a net gain of three House of Representative Seats and two State Senate Seats we will:

  • Introduce Conservative Legislation that in the past Roy Coopper would veto.
  • Work toward achieving Clean Drinking Water in all NHC
  • Ensure Election Integrity…make voting easy and cheating hard
  • School Choice…parents will be free to choose a school that meets their children’s needs

By gaining these two net victories (Senate and House) Conservatives will obtain a Super Majority and be in a position to override Cooper’s anticipated vetoes.

The second Two: There are two Board of County Commissioner seats available in 2022.  When we win both of these seats, Conservatives will be in a better position to influence:

  • Initiatives to ensure drinking water for all County residents
  • A commonsense approach to address population growth
  • A prioritized plan to address the numerous infrastructure issues
  • Introduce logical approaches to ensure school safety
  • Support Law Enforcement and initiatives to reduce escalating crime rates
  • Transparency, honesty, and citizen participation in decision-making
  • Fiscal responsibility matching revenues to expenditures, while being mindful of tax increases

The One:  There are two seats on the North Carolina State Supreme Court that will be decided in 2022.  The Democrat Judges currently hold the majority on this Court.  When the liberal left opposes a piece of legislation, they file with the State Supreme Court resulting the Court becoming a legislative body. When we win at least One of these seats Conservative will gain the majority:  The path forward is simple:

  • The Court will render decisions based on the Constitution and State Law. The Court will not base decisions on political agendas. 

4-3-2-2-1 This in now the combination to the lock that will end the liberal left progressive actions we have witnessed since January 2021.  If we don’t take action now this agenda will only intensify and your freedoms and liberties will continue to diminish.

We Can’t Fight Alone!

Learn about the Republican Candidates leading into the 2022 elections. We need volunteers to help with the election. Also please consider contributing.  No amount is too small.