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Lt Gov Mark Robinson: Time for Conservatives to Run TOWARDS Trouble

Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson gave a powerful and inspiring speech at the recent North Carolina GOP Convention. Lieutenant Governor Robinson points out we have to run toward the trouble, much like those brave men and women running toward the Twin Towers during 9-11. As pointed out, the trouble is different this time but even more damaging. The trouble is:

  • The Biden Administration seeks to turn this country into a socialist hell hole.
  • Antifa – the ones who roam the streets and beat you into submission.
  • BLM claims to care about the lives of blacks but turns a blind eye to the taking of lives of blacks at a genocidal rate.

Take 20 seconds of your time to read this post. Take another 2 minutes and 30 seconds to watch the short video, one that will inspire every conservative, patriot, or any other concerned citizen wanting to save our country.

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