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 By now most Americans have been able to discern the truth from what is actually being shared by Biden, Jen Psaki, Myorkas, the Pentagon Generals, and other members of this failing Administration.  While we are pretty sure that most are aware, we also acknowledge the list is very long and a few might have been missed.  We are going to help keep you informed and translate the White House responses to questions or their released statements when addressing several issues.  If you can’t trust our President to be at least semi-honest with the American public, what are your options?  We have a few ideas but will discuss them later.  Now let’s get to some of the more unbelievable stuff.  

There is no way we can talk about untruths being fed daily to America without bringing the White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, into the discussion:

  1. At a time, when 17,000 Haitians were camped out, in horrible living conditions, beneath the Del Rio, Texas Bridge Jen Psaki was asked when will the border be closed.  She responded the border is closed. She must have thought you were way too busy to view the thousands of drone videos flooding most media outlets.  What she meant to say is we have seen the reports of the 85,000 Haitians who have crossed into Central America and heading toward our border. “Get back to me with your question.”  She did successfully get one parting shot to the reporter when she pointed out, the border is in much better shape now than when we took office, the prior administration left us a mess and unsustainable plan.  Perhaps they found the “root causes”.
  2. During the most recent crossing of the thousands of Haitian Migrants, CPB agents on horseback can be seen attempting to actually enforce the laws of the United States by stopping the migrants from illegally entering.  To get right to the point, the liberals went nuts, claiming the CBP agents were whipping the migrants.  Maxine Waters was quick to hold a press conference stating “white men whipping blacks” is worse than the days of slavery.  Myorkas pointed out this incident was just another indicator of the “systemic racism that exists in America today.” Biden was quick to point out the video speaks for itself, and this is unacceptable, it will be investigated, there will be consequences and the Border agents will pay. Who said Joe does not believe in small government, one person can serve as defense, prosecutor, judge, and jury?  We can now remove that “pack the court” from the liberal agenda.  The video shows and the videographer reports that the migrants were never whipped by the agents. What the video shows is the reins of the horses as they maneuver around the migrants.  This does bring up one unrelated question.  If someone in government does something like: be responsible for 13 dead brave American military men and women, give military equipment worth billions to a terrorist organization, and call a President of another Country to ask him to tell a lie about the imminent threat to his country;  should that person be investigated, should there be consequences, should that person be made to pay?  We think the best jury to deliberate that question is YOU.
  3. Joe Biden 13 days before his self-imposed deadline of August 31 for the Afghanistan withdrawal said in an interview with ABC’s Geroge Stephanopoulos “If there are American citizens left, we’re gonna stay to get them all out”. Well, we now know that this is far from the truth.  Perhaps he forgot that he made this statement on national television.  What we don’t know is how many Americans were actually left behind in a terrorist governed country?  Perhaps we never will.  Biden also told Stephanopoulos in response to a question, his Generals never advised that maintaining the status quo of 2,500 troops in Afghanistan would continue to prop up the Afghan forces and thus maintain control of the country.  Biden said, “no they never told me that, not that I recall”. Then of course the Secretary of the Liars Club had to offer her own spin when questioned about this issue, stating that the recommendation was split among his advisors.  Although she would not share the name(s) of the Generals who allegedly offered a recommendation that differed from the one provided by the top military leaders which were validated while under oath during their testimony to Congress. 
  4. Perhaps the largest falsehood the Biden administration would like most to swallow is “the $3.5 trillion “build back better” human infrastructure will cost zero”.  There may be less than five people on the entire planet that would believe this statement.  The democrats (AKA socialists) have already revealed information that this is a major falsehood.  First, taxes will be raised for those earning more than $400,000, capital gains tax will be increased, and business taxes will be increased.  These are the transparent funding sources for this “free” major spending plan.  What is not so transparent is the hidden cost to every household in America.  Jen Psaki stated, “just because taxes are raised on business does not mean this will be passed on to the consumer”.  She either has never studied economic theory or she is just a messenger for this socialist regime.  Economists across the globe agree that dumping an additional $5.5 trillion (Infrastructure plus Human Infrastructure) is going to significantly add to the runaway inflation that America is currently experiencing.  The dollar will be further devalued, and prices at the grocery store and the gas pump will continue to increase.  You and your families will be negatively impacted by this “free” socialist program.  This initiative is a classic example of “there is no such thing as a free lunch”. 
  5. In a push to Federalize the voting laws across America and eliminate States of the right to enact their own voting laws, Biden stated “the Georgia voting laws decreased the hours people had the opportunity to vote”. He went on to say that the voting laws in Georgia are racist and are worse than the “Jim Crowe” laws.  The truth is the Georgia voting law increased the voting hours and expanded the number of early voting days.  The Washington Post (an extremely liberal rag) rewarded Joe Biden four Pinocchio’s, (the most that can be awarded).  It should be noted that Biden’s home state of Delaware does not have an early voting period. 

Here is the problem.  You can not trust anything that originates from the Biden administration.  They believe you are uninformed and naïve.  They think that if they say something and the liberal (socialist) media ensures you hear it several times, you will buy whatever it is they are selling.  As an American, you have the inherent right for your leaders to be open and honest with you.  Under the Biden administration, you have neither. 

We must change this paradigm. We must continue to expose the real objectives of the Biden administration and inform as many as possible while we grow the numbers of those who are willing to hear the truth. Here is how you can help now.

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