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H.B. 558


Republicans in Raleigh have drafted a bill that would protect the rights of North Carolinians by not making the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory. Sponsored by Reps. Pittman (R-83) and Kidwell (R-79), HB 558 would make it illegal for the state government to mandate vaccinations for any illness (including COVID-19) and to require proof of vaccination or immunity. Additionally the bill would make it illegal for businesses in the state to discriminate against customers or employees who don’t receive a vaccination.

HB 558 is currently being debated in committee. While the bill is expected to pass the House and Senate, the bill will die on the governor’s desk. We need concerned citizens who value individual freedom to speak up and show your support for HB 558.

Don’t let King Roy take away any more of your rights.

What we need form you:

  1. Do your research. Information on the bill is in the link here:
  2. Email your representatives and show your support for this Bill. Here’s the list of representatives:
    • House:
    • Senate:
  3. Share this others: