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Has the Wave of “Wokeness” Arrived on Our Shores?

by | Feb 10, 2022

If you have any doubts about wokeness slowly changing our culture; all you must do is read the Star News, watch WECT news broadcast, or attend Board of Education and/or Health and Human Services meetings, or post something on social media that counters any position of the “woke.”

A Little History about “wokeness” and “cancel culture”:

Wokeness evolved with three stated goals:

  1. To correct past injustices, such as the Black Lives Matter.
  2. To be accepted as normal, such as the LGBTQ community and others of various gender identity and sexual orientation.
  3. To be still treated as special, such as the push for reparations or push to diversify workforce.

The overall philosophy of the “woke” was to make everyone aware and agree with the objective to correct the past and current “wrongs” that have occurred in America. Thus, making the case for dramatic change.

When “wokeness” failed to awaken all to their ideology, the “cancel culture” came to the rescue. “Cancel Culture” is violent liberal mobs online and increasingly in person attacking people who dare violate liberal social rules. Why do they do it? To scare people into submission to their political and social rules.

An Eye-Opening Article:

At this point you are asking yourself why is this important and why should I care? The reasons you should be concerned is revealed in an article, “What Is Political Correctness?” by Jeff Carlson. Jeff reminds us of what is in occurring in transformative America today.

  •         “Long before political correctness entered the public lexicon, George Orwell noted that in a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
  •         Voltaire wisely put it, “To learn who rules over you, find out whom you are not allowed to criticize.”
  •         “Political Correctness has everything to do with hindering freedom of speech–and, ultimately, freedom of thought.”
  •         “Political Correctness is about preventing unification on the basis of shared values and culture.” It’s really about political goals.”
  •         “Political Correctness has everything to do with hindering freedom of speech and ultimately freedom of thought. It’s the throttling of freedom and the throttling of truth.”

What we are witnessing in America today is not a new phenomenon. The article goes in depth to explains how the “awakenings” and “correctness” has been a strategic tool of governments to transform societies, usually socialist or communistic, to their ideology.


 In 2021 we have witnessed an avalanche of attacks by both the “woke” and “cancel culture”:

  •         Opposition to the Liberal Left’s voting reform bill would earn you the title of “racist” or a “Geroge Wallace” ideology supporter.
  •         Parents objecting to critical race theory, gender self-identification, mandated masks in our public schools could result in you being labeled a domestic terrorist
  •         Peaceful demonstrations are resulting in individuals being identified as white supremist
  •         Anytime someone takes a position that counters the progressive left’s blatant attempt to transform America to an Authoritarian Socialist Society, you can bet the Joy Reid’s, Joy Behar’s,

Don Lemon’s and Bette Midler’s of the world will quickly identify you as anarchist.

The moment we fail to exercise our constitutional right to freedom of speech…we lose. A few voices of commonsense is a good start, thousands of voices are a movement.  We need thousands of voices to ensure New Hanover County, North Carolina and America are returned to one that protects individual freedoms, guarantees educational choices, takes national defense seriously and a return to a sovereign nation by securing our border.

This is where you must decide. Leave it to others to save America or do what you know is “RIGHT.”