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Welcome to the NHC GOP Podcast Friday update – I am Reuel Sample.

In Kettle Moraine, Wisconsin school officials defied the wishes of parents who did not want their 12-year-old gender-confused daughter to be treated as a boy. After the parents removed her from school and she received counseling, her distress subsided, and she once again embraced her biological sex. She concluded that gender affirmation “really messed me up” and fostered anger against her mother. [i]

From a performer in his defense of having children at drag shows:

We’re just trying to give a safe haven for kids [who] feel that they’re gonna grow up gay, or feel like they are gay, or feel like they’re trans,” local drag performer Emeka Bless told The Dallas Express.[ii]

Or consider this quote from the National Education Association (NEA) about a 5th grade teacher right here in North Carolina:

Mr. Morrison doesn’t shy away from big concepts… He talks to his students, in terms they can understand, about capitalism, racism, stolen land from Indigenous People, laws and politics, the driving forces behind societal systems, and more.”[iii]

These are all examples of Democrats using children to push their own agendas and inculcate ideologies that are unAmerican and very disturbing.

Children’s minds are an incredible thing. The amount of raw data that a child’s brain takes in from the moment he is born is amazing.  In that very small head lies the ability to pick up multiple languages, learn motor skills, absorb social interactions and more.  As that child grows and goes to school, his brain takes in larger concepts such as language structure, mathematic and logic use, science, and exploring ethical realms.  That computing power continues into his early 20s.  It is an amazing instrument – this mind of a child – and the Democrats want it.

One of the things this amazing computer residing in the head of a 10 year old is missing – however – is the ability to filter what is good information and what is bad information.  Their minds are amazing instruments of intake and processing – but that ability to question does not come until much later.

Democrats – who have been in the education business  for close to a century – know this.  That is why they are there.  They want to fill the brains of children with as much Democrat thought and ideology as possible.  Not to educate – but to indoctrinate. 

Mr. Morrison – our teacher here in North Carolina – is a perfect case in point.  His entire is to get his 5th grade students to the point to accept that America is bad, systematically racist, and oppressive because of our pursuit of a capitalist society.  His words:

If my fifth graders can look at our nation’s systems of oppression and say, ‘that’s stupid,’ an adult can do the same.

Mr. Morrison’s end goal is to indoctrinate your child to think that everything about America is bad and must be changed.

It is a long-game of the Democrats.  They really do not care about whether your child is wrestling with gender dysphoria and needs to be protected from her parents.  It is all about breaking apart those family bonds which are intrinsically powerful in teaching values.

Democrats really do not care that taking kids to drag shows and other events where sex acts are on open display can be harmful to these young minds.  What they want is an entire generation that thinks that sexual expression and sexual identity is the absolute center of one’s identity – and that the only party that promotes that quote freedom endquote is the Democrat party.

Democrats  are not there to present an opposing ideas.  They are there to teach a world view that denigrates every achievement of America, makes white kids think that the mere color of their own skin makes them instant oppressors, that socialism is right and capitalism is wrong and inherently oppressive.

The end game of Democrats in regards to your child is nothing short of just creating more – Democrats.  They want your child to hear and experience over and over again a message that is anti-American, anti-family, and anti individual responsibility.  Democrats want to pollute the amazing brains of your children with garbage.  And in the end – since that is all they have been given – our children start outputting that same garbage as they grow up.

In our city elections, we have three Republicans going up against four Democrats.  Is education on the ballot – or even in the prevue of the city?  Well no – and yes.  As I said last week, Democrat politicians MUST  – if they want the support – especially the financial support – of their party MUST buy into this long-game approach of indoctrinating kids.  They must defend the “right” to take children to events where grown men and women dance around in various states of dress.  Democrats MUST buy into the philosophy that America is an inherently racist and sexist.  Democrats at all levels – even those running for city office – must subscribe to the idea that the family unit is outdated and must be replaced by the government.  This is the thinking of the modern day Democrat party – at all levels.

So I ask you – if you are a parent who wants your child to be taught and not indoctrinated – why would you vote Democrat?  If you think that it is definitely NOT ok for your child to be exposed to public acts of sex and ludeness – why would you vote Democrat?  If you believe the family is the most powerful teacher of values and thus should be preserved and protected – why would you vote Democrat?

Early voting is going on now for the Wilmington city council.  Our Republican candidates – John Lennon, Neil Anderson and Kathryn Bruner – believe as you do – that our children are wonderful gifts– and they should definitely be left alone – to be children.

For the New Hanover County Republican Party, I am Reuel Sample – thanks for listening.

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