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Welcome to the NHC GOP Podcast Friday update – I am Reuel Sample.

Today – and for the following Fridays during the elections – I am going to ask a simple question:  Why are you voting Democrat?

Democrats And Failed National Policy

Over the last several weeks you have seen multiple postings on our social media sites about what Democrats have been doing all across the country.  We have pointed out the follies of President Biden and the totally corrupt business dealings of his family.  We have pointed out the effect of Bidenomics on every level of our society – which has increased prices on gas, food, insurance and other essentials of modern living.  We have talked about the failed immigration policies of Democrats, and the lawlessness of our southern border.

In the middle of municipal elections – some have asked – why are you pointing out national trends?  Why not focus on local issues.

Well – we are.  We just posted two podcasts with John Lennon and Neil Anderson.   Stephanie Fortunato and her team of intrepid door knockers have been out talking to people.  At Riverfest we spent two days sharing the Republican message with literally thousands of people.

But – why the national themes?

Pure and simple – we want you to understand that at any level – from the national to the local – Democrats are committed to philosophies and ideals that go against what most Americans believe and hold to – no matter their party.  Any Democrat running for office is inextricably – and mandatorily – linked to these larger Democrat principles.

Case in point for today – crime.

Crime Is Out Of Control In Democrat-Run Cities

According to a New York Post article dated September 9, 2023 – the most dangerous city in America is Bessemer, AL – population size 25,615.  This city used to be known as the City with a Heart.  It is now a city with 33 violent crimes per 1000 people.  Since 2010 – this city has been governed by Democrats.

In second place is Monroe, Louisiana – with a left-leaning independent mayor.

Third place is tied by Saginaw Michigan and Memphis Tennessee – all with Democrats at the helm.

If we look at just sheer numbers, no one can deny that the cities of New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Chicago are all marked by violent crime, surges in riots, and justice systems that let offenders go almost scott free.  In a recent conversation with a Chicago policeman, he told me that with the new bail law in place  that if a person is arrested for a domestic disturbance in the morning, he will be free by afternoon to go home and beat up his wife for calling the cops in the first place.

All these cities are run by Democrats – from the mayor to the council to the district attorneys.  All Democrats – all failed and very dangerous cities.

Why Vote This Same Democrat Thinking Into Wilmington?

The Democrats who are running against our Republican candidates all must take up the mantra of their party – soft on crime, hard on police, and easy on gang and riot violence.  They are perfectly happy allowing criminals who should be locked up to roam the streets freely while at the same time hamstringing the police from doing their jobs AND restricting your ability to defend yourself through the proper carrying of arms.  This is what Democrats – and all levels including here in Wilmington – believe.  And if they are elected, we run the risk of turning our great city into a New York, a Los Angeles, or a Bessemer Alabama.

Surely most people want criminals locked up and held accountable for their crimes.  Surely most people want those who burn buildings and destroy businesses brought to justice.  I have to believe that very few people want battered women to be afraid of calling   the police because they know their abuser will be home the very same night.  Surely most Americans want property to be respected, and their own personal safety reasonably ensured.

If that is what YOU believe – then why in the world would you ever vote Democrat?

We want to hear your answers to that question.  Leave your thoughts in the comments section, or drop us an email at

For the New Hanover County Republican Party, I am Reuel Sample – thanks for listening.