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Every American City Is Now a Border City

by | Jul 27, 2022

With food and gas prices at historically elevated levels, it is difficult to focus on the other critical issues that are the “root causes” of America’s downward spiral. There is so much to be significantly concerned, but while families are experiencing difficulty putting food on the table for their families and purchasing just enough gas to get to and from work each week, it becomes truly overwhelming. Who has time to think about all of the liberal left injected crises that now has 88% of our population admitting that America is headed in the WRONG DIRECTION? One thing is for sure. The Biden Administration and our liberal led states have given us a much to worry about. The list of chaotic issues could fill ten to fifteen pages.

  • Public Safety – Crime
  • Parental rights and freedom of speech
  • Gun control
  • Education system failing our children
  • Gas Prices, Inflation, Supply Shortages
  • National Defense
  • Promoting societal division
  • Assault on the Constitution
  • China, Russia, Iran
  • Packing the Court
  • Break the filibuster

The list could go on and on, but we will save for another day. Until inflation became the primary concern of most Americans, education and enforcement being nonexistent at our southern border were the top two concerns of most Americans.

The White House when recently questioned about the 2.5 million migrants that have illegally crossed into America during the Biden Administration, their response has been “the border is closed”. This response, like so many others, assumes that most Americans are dumber than a bag of hammers. Don’t they know about Fox News and the new invention called video?

To insult America’s intelligence level even further, on July 6th Jean-Pierre responding to the question “if the Biden administration had any plans for a legal response to Gov. Abbott’s executive order authorizing state law enforcement officials and the Texas National Guard to apprehend illegal immigrants and return them to the border?” She responded, “immigration enforcement is a federal authority, and states should not be meddling in it.” She added, “Texas Gov. Abbott, has a history of causing chaos and confusion at the border.”

From Wilmington, NC to El Paso, TX is 1834.9 miles and McAllen, TX is 1,552.3 miles. Over a twenty-hour drive from Wilmington to either Texas border crossing location.  So, the question is, why should you be concerned here in little old New Hanover County?

The failure of border security and enforcement by the Biden Administration has created severe problems here in our own back yard. Every city in America is now experiencing the same problems as those located along our Southern border.

  • Did you know that the Chinese manufactured drug Fentanyl kills over 100,000 Americans each year? Drug users are not requesting to purchase fentanyl, but are requesting other drugs, like oxycontin. However, in almost all cases, the oxycontin is being laced with a small amount of fentanyl, sufficient enough to cause immediate death. Fentanyl is available right here in New Hanover. There have been news reports showing the seizure of substantial amounts of this deadly drug right here in Wilmington. Fentanyl and other deadly drugs are easily crossing the hundreds of miles of open borders our current administration declines to address.
  • Did you know that felons and gang members are likely to be located in New Hanover? Violent crimes are highly more likely to occur in New Hanover since the current Administration took office. Millions of migrants are being relocated by our Federal Government to the city of their choice. It is a fact that at least twenty suspected terrorist have been apprehended at the border. But how many have crossed without being caught. It is a fact that hundreds of MS13 gang members have been apprehended at the border, but how many successfully entered without detection?
  • Did you know that the current administration recently signed a contract to house thousands of illegal unaccompanied minors here in North Carolina? A contract has been signed for a facility that once served as a boarding school. The contract could cost taxpayers billions. It should come as no surprise that the Chinese have a financial interest in this facility, and it has been reported that the top three administrators of the facility belong to the Chinese Communist Party.
  • Did you know that the victims of Human Trafficking are being dispersed all across our Country? It is highly probable that the victims of human and sex trafficking have made there way into New Hanover. No city in America is not being impacted by the open southern border. Like it or not, Wilmington is currently and will continue to experience the same issues and problems associated with illegal migration of millions.

The most memorable line from the movie “A Field of Dreams” is “build it and they will come.” The current Administration has taken a different approach, tear it down and roll out the red carpet and they will come. The current Administration’s border policy or lack thereof has created so many heart breaking, sad situations, which are an embarrassment to our Country and one that has resulted in millions to bow their heads and pray this will end soon. In addition to the thousands of Americans dying from fentanyl, a visit to the Border by several U.S. Senators reveals more disturbing facts you might not be aware.

  • “There were two 7-year-old girls all alone with a group of strangers who had been transported by violent drug cartels”
  • “Border Patrol showed us a patch of grass about one hundred yards from where we were standing where just a couple of weeks earlier two other little girls, 5 and 6 years old, had been violently raped.
  • “The cartels have “rape trees,” where they hang the undergarments of women and girls they rape as trophies and “as a taunt to law enforcement.”
  • “Local landowners showed them pictures of the bodies of migrants who were left for dead on their properties.”
  • “Border Patrol agents reported how their search and rescue teams spent two days unsuccessfully searching for the body of a toddler who died in the wilderness.”

“This administration continues to encourage these dangerous journeys with their catch-and-release, open-door border policy”. I am certain that most of you will agree. By joining our team, you can help us end the Southern Border Crisis and the several other things that keep us up at night worrying. We need you to assist us in winning the 2022 midterm and the 2024 general elections.

There’s no time to waste. Join 10 for Ten today. If we can meet any or all of the objectives mentioned above, your child will reap the kind of rewards that will last a lifetime.  Your commitment goes a long way to making this possible.

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