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Election Day is Today… Get out and Vote!

by Nov 5, 2019Blog, Words of Wisdom from Wayne

November 5, 2019, New Hanover County Election Update

What’s the Key to Winning? Just Show Up to the Polls and Vote

Historically, Republicans have shown they can easily pull off wins in off-year elections. Why is that? It’s because many Democrats only see the value of voting when there’s a Presidential election. This belief is held by so many Democrats that Republicans are able to crush off-year and mid-term elections.

“An ‘off-year election’ is a general election in the United States which is held when neither a presidential election nor a midterm election takes place. The term ‘off-year’ may also be used to refer to midterm election years,” as defined by Wikipedia

Off-year Elections are Always Determined by Republican Participation

To win this election cycle, we need to participate! Republicans only see off-cycle election losses when Republican voter participation is low. Real-time early voting data from last week shows registered Democrat voters are voting at a 2-1 rate over register Republicans. The time is now to ramp up our participation! Today is Election Day, and it’s your final opportunity to cast your ballot. Vote and get your conservative friends, family and neighbors to vote!

The Magic Numbers are 4,000 and 1,000

It only takes 4,000 votes to win a Wilmington City Council race. Far less than a thousand votes are needed in each of the beach communities to win Mayor and Council. Your vote matters…it’s critical that you get out and vote and remind each of your Republican friends to vote.

In Wilmington, vote only for Neil Anderson and Harry Smith to maximize the impact of your ballot!