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Most of you know the name “Deb” Butler. She is the NC State Representative from House District 18. Before I add my own comments to this article, I want to recognize Kari Donovan, the author of “UNHINGED: White Progress Woman’s Racist Attacks on Lt. Gov Mark Robinson Is OK with Democrats.”

Ms. Butler describes herself as, “NC House of Representatives, Democratic Whip, House District 18, Attorney, Legislator, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer. Instyle [sic] Badass.”

Butler in recent post called Lt. Gov. M. Robinson a “pig”. As Kari Donovan states in her article, Butler has posted other negative comments about our Lt. Governor, calling him a “racist”, and a “loathsome bigot”.

Anyone who knows Lt. Gov Robinson know he is not going to take bullying without pushing back.  Kari included Robinson’s responses:

  • “Democrats are at it again. When they cannot win, they revert to name- calling. This time it is from a member in the North Carolina State House”
  • “Liberals can’t stop attacking me because I scare them. They are afraid of a black man that doesn’t fit their narrative.” 
  • “I grew up poor as the ninth of ten children in a household with an abusive alcoholic father. My mother had a fifth-grade education.”
  • “Liberals are terrified that I shatter their narrative that America is racist, and that black people cannot make it without government support.”

“Butler doesn’t limit her unhinged attacks on North Carolinians to just Robinson- she also defames other Republicans by posting about them and calling them “Traitors”:

“Where are the voices in the NCGOPcondemning an insurrectionist? Instead, they welcome him to our NCGA. Are we really going to allow a traitor to govern in NC?” Bulter wrote in response to an article.

Kari Donavan closes her article by stating: “According to her Bio, Deb hasn’t been around all that long. Deborah Armfield “Deb” Butler is a member of the North Carolina House of Representatives, where she has served since 2017. She represents the 18th House District, covering a portion of New Hanover County, as a member of the Democratic Party”.

“Deb got famous for her big mouth and uncivilized behavior, running roughshod over other members of the General Assembly and having an unhinged, undignified meltdown on the floor.”

Kari did an expert job in eluding to the planned strategy democrats who know they are in political trouble will use in 2022 and 2024. There probably is not a better example than Deb Butler.

  • She has labeled Lt. Governor Robinson as a racist and called for his resignation after he identified the sexually explicit images (many with same gender participants) available in public schools’ children’s books as “filth.”  
  • She has verbally attacked the Lt. Gov. because he chose to stand against the divisive CRT taught in our schools. 
  • She has questioned his ability to Govern the state base on his beliefs

We, as Conservatives will no longer be bullied by the liberal left. We must recognize that the democrats who have nothing to show for their accomplishments will resort to labeling conservatives as racist, white supremist, insurrectionist, domestic terrorists, and hundreds other forms of name calling. If candidates like Deb Butler had a vision of how to govern and the leadership to bring our state together without being a “badass,” they would not have to employ the lowest form of campaigning. 

The 2022 Primary election is rapidly approaching, and the general election is less than a year away.  I have no idea who the conservative candidate for HD18 will be. I can promise it will be someone that can provide adult leadership, build collations, work for the people of New Hanover County. 

Our Conservative Candidate will focus on the issues that concern you the most. We will support candidates that share conservative values and Ideology; smaller government, education that prepares students for the future, parents rights to have a voice in education, stronger national defense, reverse the socialist agenda of the liberal left, restrict mandates, policies to gain control of inflation, eradicate CRT from our public schools, and most importantly listen to you and address those issues you that concern you the most.

Any politician that has done nothing positive to support their constituency, like Deb Butler, will resort to labeling their opponents as raciest, white supremist, domestic terrorist, etc. That is all they have to offer. We will not resort to name calling or labeling, nor will we support a candidate who does. We will work to restore America First values and ideals. We will WIN in 2022 simply because the liberal left is comprised of candidates like Deb Butler. 

You can become a part of this winning team by visiting our website ( While there please consider joining our team and if able contribute. Thanks in advance.