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Dan Wilcox – Town Mayor, Carolina Beach, NC

I filed to run for Mayor of Carolina Beach!

While I have been enjoying my 3+ years of (non-political) respite since completing my former mayoral term, my love for my community is still strong. As a result, I am concerned about the many legislative and funding challenges we currently face, as well as new issues we will likely face as this post-covid era evolves. Things are improving, but not yet normal, and there is still concern about what the future holds.

My previous town service includes 3 years on P&Z, 4 years as council member, 4 years as mayor, and 13 years leading our boardwalk revitalization teams. In that time, I have also built relationships with our fellow beach-town officials and our county, state, and federal partners. This combined experience puts me in a unique position to be effective as your mayor on my first day in office – I do not require on-the-job training.

Although through no fault on the part of our recently elected council members, the disruption of council’s normal functions caused by covid lockdowns have limited training and learning opportunities, as well as exposure to our county, state, and federal representatives that would otherwise have existed for them. Therefore, in addition to addressing our funding and quality-of-life issues, I would also work closely with our council members to create a learning environment that will result in the best possible council “team” to represent our community.

Mayor Pierce and Councilmen Shuttleworth and Garza will also be leaving office, which means we will lose their historical knowledge, their grasp of our more complex issues, and their long-standing relationships with our representatives.

While no one’s fault, the combinations of these factors will leave our council with less historical continuity and less experienced leadership. As your mayor I can fill these voids and over the next two years leave council in a better place.

As I have done in my previous campaigns – I will run on my merits. If issues or claims arise that I feel need addressing, I will do that, but I do not believe in nasty or smear campaigns.

We have many new residents since I left office, so for any person, group, or organization wanting to discuss issues, or to get to know me better, please let me know and I will arrange to meet with you.

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